Anna Froese

Anna Froese was brought onboard with DHM as Project Associate to coordinate online research and develop DHM’s report visuals. She has a breadth of experience that touches on research, marketing, and process improvement.

From sculpture projects to workflow methodologies, Anna enjoys building things. She loves efficiency, not for its own sake, but because it allows people to do their best work without wasted effort. She is always asking, “Why do we do it this way?” Anna is compelled to look at: how other people do it; what are the prevailing theories; is there a compelling reason to change; and how can we be better?Her goal is to bring life to data and tell the story in a way that is relevant, engaging, and clear.

Anna appreciates DHM because it is literally in the business of asking questions. Are these policies working for the people they serve? It’s an exciting place to be.

She has a degree in Fine Art and has studied animation and other forms of visual storytelling, which she brings to bear on DHM’s data visualization.

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