Megan Wentworth

Megan Wentworth is DHM’s Chief Operating Officer, Megan has spent her career building and strengthening teams by aligning values with organizational and community outcomes. She joined DHM full-time in 2015, having worked closely with the firm since 2012.

Megan likes to say that she helps DHM build the box so the team can think outside of it. Day-to-day, this means overseeing all aspects of operational activities, including team dynamics, workflow, general finance, HR and strategic alignment—all with the goal of supporting DHM’s mission of providing data-driven insights and creating community impact,

Megan leads strategy development and creates internal processes that ensure and reinforce quality control at every stage of the team’s work. She also specializes in fielding processes, playing a crucial role in designing samples and managing recruitment for DHM’s most challenging projects. In general, Megan strives to create an environment of stability and support for the DHM team and is dedicated to deepening DHM’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Megan believes that learning, challenge and collaboration are crucial to good work and is honored to work with an incredible group of data wonks and pollsters who believe making impact is a collective activity. She values that every day the team strives to ask the right questions, listen with intent, and understand the values and beliefs of the people who answer.

She is the Founding Board Vice President of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon and is the Board President for B-Word Worldwide, a feminist media nonprofit. Megan serves on the Advisory Board for Ecology in the Classroom & Outdoors and is the Founding Board Vice President for the reproductive justice nonprofit All Options. Megan attended Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy and received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Oregon.

Megan believes in the power of a good dinner party, actively cultivates FUN, and is a big fan of welcome surprises.

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