Patricia Collins

As Office Manager, Patricia Collins develops and oversees work flow systems for the Operations Team, ensuring that projects are completed in an organized, timely fashion. Her eye for detail keeps the A/P and A/R flowing and her weekly media scans help the team keep their fingers on the pulse of key issues like cannabis, transportation and water. A wiz with a red pen, Patricia’s keen eye for grammar and editing ensures that all reports and presentations are correct, concise and adhere to established templates and standards.

Patricia enjoys working with people who care about the community and who keep track of what is going on, both locally and nationally. Curious about all kinds of people’s opinions, her favorite section of the paper is the Letters to the Editor, and says working at DHM Research is like getting the Letters section daily, and on steroids.

Patricia volunteers at the Hollywood Library, where she facilitates the Family Book Group.

Patricia received an associate of arts degree from Cottey College, holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a master’s degree in education from Portland State University.

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