Our Team

Our Leadership

Adam Davis

Brand Ambassador

Sarah Fulton

Vice President and National Director

John Horvick

Vice President and Political Director

Su Embree

President and Principal

Michelle Neiss, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research

Megan Wentworth

Vice President of Operations and Strategy

Tim Hibbitts


Our Team

Jenny Allison

Proposal and Development Coordinator

Anne Buzzini

Project Manager

Patricia Collins

Office Manager

Gina Davis

Project Coordinator

Zoe Klingmann

Project Associate

Eddie Szamborski

Research Associate

Our Bench

Jim Adriance

Spanish Research

Suzanne Bader

Senior Research Associate

Maren Cohn, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

Gwen Hall

Qualitative Research

Ron Hope

Online Research

Kay Harwood

Qualitative Research

Sundee Mahone


Michael Midghall

Online Research

Rick Phillips


Isaac Regenstreif

In-Depth Interviews

Matt Schroeder

Data Processing