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Su Midghall, President

Su Midghall, President

For close to 20 years, Su has been involved in thousands of projects over her career and feels privileged to work on issues that improve communities across the country. Her work has focused on smart policies for transportation, community planning, renewable energy, education, and health reform. She is DHM’s expert on different online survey techniques and hard-to-reach samples. She also takes special interest in the values and beliefs of 12-17 and 18-34 year olds.

Su is a University of Tennessee Volunteer graduate. She serves on several boards to support education, economic development, and civic participation, and occasionally teaches a class on voting and policy to the toughest and scariest audience … fifth-graders.

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Adam Davis, Founder and Principal

Adam Davis, Founder and Principal

With over 30 years of experience in all phases of public opinion research, Adam’s expertise ranges from survey research design to focus group moderating. He has conducted projects throughout the United States and on-site in Europe and Japan. Adam’s passion is providing clients with in-depth understanding of public opinion through qualitative and quantitative research.

Too many for a short bio, Adam has overseen hundreds of projects ranging from values and beliefs studies for the Oregon Business Council and gauging Portland residents’ budget priorities in “Your City, Your Choice;” to a seven-state study measuring attitudes about natural resources for the Tennessee Valley Authority and a national focus group project with minority populations about active living for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Adam graduated from of the University of Oregon School of Law where he directed the Interviewing Skills Development Project, and also holds a B.S. in Political Science from Portland State University. He has been a guest speaker for many groups, including the American Planning Association, Northwest Public Schools Public Relations Association, Council of Foundations, the City Club of Portland, and the American Society of Trial Consultants. Adam is a nationally recognized authority on opinion research design, has published articles in national periodicals, and has served as an expert witness.

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Tim Hibbits, Founder and Principal

Tim Hibbitts, Founder and chief political analyst

Tim has close to 40 years of experience in all phases of opinion research, including questionnaire and sample design, data analysis, and data presentation. He has completed projects for corporate clients, including Microsoft and Nike, electronic and print media, and public sector decision-makers. His specialty is the study of voter attitudes, and is considered a national expert among non-partisan political analysts.

Since 1976, Tim has conducted survey research on candidates and ballot measures, and has analyzed hundreds of elections and measures in Oregon and Washington. His list of clients includes mayors, governors, and members of Congress, and although he does not now work for candidates on campaigns, he is regularly consulted by political analysts and commentators from across the United States and Europe, including The Washington Post, CNN, and The Economist.

Tim also conducts regular survey research on public affairs and politics for Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and KPTV News (Fox affiliate) in Portland. He has been providing live election-night analysis for local television stations for over 35 years, and has correctly predicted the outcomes of hundreds of ballot measure and candidate campaigns.

Tim received a B.S. from Portland State University. He has been a guest lecturer at Lewis & Clark College and Portland State University.

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Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, Senior Vice President

Sarah is a leading research and strategic advisor to corporate executives, government program managers and associations with over twenty years of experience using market research data and insights to develop and implement corporate and government communications programs, branding and positioning initiatives and health oriented marketing and evaluation programs. Her industry focus has been primarily on non-profits, health care, pharmaceuticals, energy, and travel and tourism but has extensive experience across other industries as well. Sarah is also an experienced focus group moderator and Executive Interviewer.

During her ten year tenure at Wirthlin Worldwide/Harris Interactive where she served as Vice President and Senior Consultant, she focused on global qualitative and quantitative research; brand image, positioning and strategy research and initiatives; marketing and communications assessments; and new product development evaluations. She also conducted numerous reputation studies including a multi-year one for a large international energy company.

Sarah has managed and executed on projects for DHM including a recent one with physicians and medical directors on issues relating to oral health care.

Sarah earned a M.Sc. in Health Sciences from the University of British Columbia and a B.A. in Sociology from West Virginia University. She taught Organizational Behavior at the University of Alaska.

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John Horvick, Vice President and Director of Research

John Horvick, vice president and director of research

John has 15 years of opinion research experience and manages projects at all levels. Collaborating with principals, he directs the development of survey questionnaires, moderates focus groups, and provides analysis and reporting for the firm.

John has been involved in key projects including the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) working with teachers on school conditions and retention; ConnCAN, surveying teachers on education reform in Connecticut; the Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams; Energy Trust of Oregon; Oregon Health & Science University; Metro (Oregon), and the cities of Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Lake Oswego.

John graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2000. He has worked in different roles on a variety of issues, including youth employment, organizational development, tobacco use and policy, caregiving and aging, and families raising children with behavioral disorders. John previously was a project director at the University of Nebraska Bureau of Sociological Research and Oregon Health and Science University. He recently served as President Elect of the City Club of Portland. In the past, he has served on the City Club’s Board of Governors and chaired its research board.

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Scott Whiteford

Scott Whiteford, Ph. D., vice president of operations and strategic research

Scott has over 18 years of research experience in surveys, employee assessments, and opinion polling. As Vice President of Operations and Strategic Research for DHM Research in Portland, Scott plays an important role in developing DHM’s long-term growth strategy and vision for Research. As the operations leader, he is instrumental in managing the company’s strategic process and development of team members. Analyzing human behavior and social interaction for the past two decades, he has studied individuals through both quantitative and qualitative processes. Most recently he served as Chief Research Officer for Talent Plus where he oversaw the building of selection assessments and employee surveys and their validation procedures. Scott graduated in sociology from Luther College. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with emphases in quantitative methods and criminology.

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James Kandell, Associate

James has been working in the market research industry for nearly 10 years. His experience ranges from managing data processing to full service project management. His experience includes custom, full-service, quantitative and qualitative market research projects in a wide array of industries, including public services, insurance, utilities, and technology. He is an expert in advanced analysis including: Regression Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, and Conjoint Analysis.

James received his Masters from Ohio University in Educational Research and Evaluation. He has also spent time researching and writing on quality indicators used for institutions of higher education.

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Ari Wubbold, Associate

Ari has a background in legislative research and political science. He supports DHM Research principals with project management, report writing, and marketing. Before joining DHM Ari was a research assistant for the Office of Government Relations at Portland State University. Before that he served on the staff of the Center for Public Service, specializing in policy research and website development.

Ari graduated from the University of Oregon and holds a B.A. in English Literature. He is currently attending Portland State University as a Master’s student in Political Science.

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Jenny Allison, Operations Manager & Research Assistant

Jenny Allison, Operations Manager and Research Assistant

Jenny has been DHM Research’s operations manager and research assistant since 2009. She supports DHM Research principals and associates with developing deliverables including data processing, document design, focus group coordination, report editing, and presentation coordination. She organizes office operations and procedures, oversees the DHM Panel, and coordinates marketing and proposal initiatives.

Jenny’s passion for sociocultural anthropology and communications design led her to the firm and opinion research in general to work on meaningful projects that keep her curious daily.

Jenny graduated from Oregon State University and holds a B.S. in Multi-Media with a minor in Anthropology. She previously worked as a production coordinator and office manager for Engaging Media Incorporated.

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Lauren Macbeth

Lauren Macbeth, Administrative and Project Coordinator

Lauren joined the team in 2014 and is responsible for the administrative and project functions of the office. Lauren brings 8 years of non-profit event planning, fundraising and administrative experience to the team. Prior to joining DHM, Lauren worked at Roger Williams University School of Law, where she helped run the public interest hub of the law school. Before that she worked at the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School. Lauren graduated from both Roger Williams University and the Community College of Rhode Island, holding an A.S. in General Business and a B.A. in Community Development. Lauren is thrilled to be part of an organization that promotes social and economic well-being and helps to improve our community.

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Paul Gronke, Political Research Director

Paul Gronke has more than 30 years of experience working with public opinion and elections data, and has particular expertise in research design, survey methodology, and quantitative analysis. Over the past decade, Paul has worked for the Pew Center on the States’ Make Voting Work initiative; been a contractor and subcontractor for the Federal Election Assistance Commission to help design, administer, and analyze their biennial Election Administration and Voting Survey; and has consulted for a number of state and local agencies to help them improve their elections practices and procedures.

Paul Gronke is a Professor of Political Science at Reed College, Portland OR, and founder and director of the Early Voting Information Center, a non-partisan policy research center focusing on early and no-excuse voting and more broadly on election administration, procedures, and practices. Paul has authored or co-authored more than thirty academic articles, book chapters, and policy reports, ranging broadly from congressional elections, trust and confidence in government, presidential approval, and best practices and procedures in election conduct.

Follow Paul on Twitter @gronke and read his comments on early voting at Early Voting Information Center.

DHM Research Consultants

megan wentworth, Fielding Consultant

Megan consults with both non-profit and for-profit organizations to create the internal structures, clarity of vision, and necessary partnerships to creatively meet the needs of their communities. Her professional background is in wealth planning, organizational development, and philanthropy. Most recently, she spent seven years as the Director of Program and Member Services at Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington. She has worked with many of the community’s nonprofits including founding Backline, an Oregon-based national reproductive justice organization, in 2004. She serves as the board vice president of the Women’s Foundation of Oregon and coordinates giving for the Mary McKinney & Flay Ezell Fund.

Megan graduated from the University of Oregon and holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Megan has been working with DHM since 2012 managing project flow and fielding.

Gina Davis, Research Assistant

Gina has been a key member of the DHM Research team for the past 16 years. Gina supports DHM Research partners and staff with administrative components of research projects.

Gina is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College and holds a B.A. in Business Administration.

Michael Midghall, Fusion MR

Michael Midghall, Fusion MR

Michael is the founder and principal of Fusion MR, a market research firm that specializes in new sustainable product design using advanced methods including condensed ethnographies, conjoint analysis, and discrete choice. Michael has been consulting for DHM Research for over a decade, assisting the firm in online survey design, implementation, and analysis including MaxDiff online surveys.

Prior to starting Fusion MR, Michael researched, developed, and marketed products for Intel Corporation. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA with a Marketing and New Venture Analysis concentration from the University of Tennessee.

Matthew Schroeder, C.T. Technologies

Matthew Schroeder, DPMuse llc

Matthew is the principal of DPMuse LLC and specializes in statistical table programming for political and market research projects. Matthew’s specialty is generating cross-tabulation reports from quantitative survey data, and whether he is combining data files from multiple sources or simultaneous multi-variate weighting, he is an expert at all elements of processing survey data. In addition to playing a central role in developing the scoring system used in the annual Oregon Business Magazine’s 100 Best Survey, he has aided DHM Research with hundreds of quantitative projects for more than a decade.

Matthew received his undergraduate degree in Social Science from Michigan State University and has also studied economics.

Rick Phillips, KTVA Productions

Rick Phillips, KTVA Productions

Rick is the founder and owner of KTVA Productions, a video production company that specializes in documenting focus groups, in-depth interviews, and product usability testing using the most cutting-edge technology, including live web viewing. Rick has been providing DHM Research with qualitative research support for over 10 years. His services assure that DHM Research clients have an accurate record of what focus group participants have to say and video documentation to use for presentations.

Rick holds a B.S in Business from Portland State University and is a winner of nine national awards including the 2008 Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I) Golden Reel Bronze Award, the 2008 Videographer Award of Distinction, and the 2001 MCA-I Portland Chapter’s Pilot’s Award by the MCA-I. He is also a member of the MCA-I and has served on its executive committee for the Portland Chapter for 10 years.

Jim Adriance, Spanish Focus Group Moderator

Jim Adriance, Spanish Focus Group Moderator

Jim served for three years as State Coordinator for the Latino Partnership Program at the Oregon Community Foundation. He has spent over three decades working with Latino communities in Central and South America, and a similar time active in conversations related to racial and ethnic diversity and equity. Fluent in Spanish, Jim advises DHM Research on topic guide development, recruiting, and best practices in cross-cultural communications. A skilled moderator and facilitator, Jim’s approach is personable, conversational, and easy-going.

Jim received his Masters from the University of Maryland, and his Bachelors from the University of Rhode Island. He has worked as an economist, technical advisor, program officer, and as the Deputy Director of the Peace Corps in Guatemala.



Maren is principal of Grammata Communications, a business analysis and communications service that specializes in the articulation and management of complex situations and information. Maren has provided analysis and reporting on survey and focus group results for DHM since 2006. She has conducted in-depth interviews, researched background issues, and supported DHM project managers in survey and topic guide development, strategic planning, and client communications.  Playing a variety of roles, Maren has extensive experience in such fields as education, healthcare, agriculture, forest products, homebuilding, and economic development in Indian Country.

Maren graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and earned a Ph.D. in Social Sciences at The University of Chicago.  She taught for 12 years at liberal arts colleges before moving gradually into the business environment.



Michelle is the founder and principal of Powered Knowledge, with over 15 years experience in all phases of behavioral research, including questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis, and presentation of research results. She provides expertise in the use of diverse statistical methods to understand people’s behavior or attitudes and change in behavior over time.

Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Stanford University. She has a Ph.D. in Human Development from the University of Arizona.


Isaac H. Regenstreif, IHR Consulting LLC

With 30 years experience to his name, Isaac holds an impressive career that included politics, corporations, and foundations. Isaac has worked with DHM on several executive interview projects with key political, business and non-profit leaders to help clients identify opinion leader attitudes and assess strategic direction. In 2007 Isaac launched IHR Consulting, LLC where he has served as a strategic consultant to a wide collection of foundations and corporations, including DHM.

Isaac graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, and received his Master’s in Public Affairs from the University of Oregon. In addition to his work with DHM and other clients, Isaac is currently a senior fellow and board member of the American Leadership Forum, Children’s Institute, and the Ready for School Leaders Panel, and is a Big Brother in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.