DHM Research in the Press

Editorial: Motor Voter Has A Primary Problem
“Since the implementation of motor voter, more nonaffiliated voters have been added to the rolls than Democrats and Republicans combined. That’s great. But motor voter’s effectiveness in expanding voter participation is hobbled by Oregon’s rules governing primary elections. ” Read more >

Star News: Neighbors Like Cops, But Worry About Minority Relations — April 12, 2017
“Portland residents continue to view the Portland Police Bureau’s crime-fighting activities in a positive light, as they did in 2013 and 2015 surveys, according to a report from DHM Research, an independent, non-partisan organization.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: TriMet Survey: Approval Up, Ridership Down — March 23, 2017
“There was good news and bad news for TriMet in the regional transit agency’s most recent annual Attitude & Awareness Survey. On the positive side, TriMet’s overall job approval rating in 2016 was 80 percent.” Read more >

Bend Bulletin: Lara Case To Remain In Deschutes County — March 23, 2017
“Davis, founder of DHM Research, has done opinion research for the past 40 years. His company was hired by the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office to conduct a survey comparing potential jury pools in Deschutes and Klamath counties.” Read more >

OPB: Poll Shows Support For Potential Oregon Business Tax Hike — March 13, 2017
“A new survey shows potential support in Oregon for tax increases — if the money is clearly dedicated to education.” Read more >

OregonLive: Oregonians Would Pass a Smaller, More Targeted Measure 97, Poll Suggests — March 13, 2017
“Most Oregonians believe large businesses should pay more in state taxes, but they also believe that the state should close its $1.6 billion budget gap mainly with spending cuts.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Most Trust PPB, but Support Falls Among Minorities — March 3, 2017
“A community policing survey released by the City of Portland on Friday afternoon found varying levels of trust among Portlanders in the police. The research was conducted under a federal settlement agreement and released by Mayor Ted Wheeler.” Read more >

OregonLive: PERS Fix Won’t Come Until Schools ‘Go Off The Cliff,’ Policy Experts Say — February 18, 2017
“Reducing public employee pensions, raising corporate taxes and trimming other state spending all could be part of a politically feasible package to balance Oregon’s next two-year budget without decimating public services for vulnerable Oregonians.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: Salem Residents Sound Off on Issues City Hall Should Address — January 31, 2017
“Armed with markers, pens and free rein to write out wish lists of what they want the city of Salem to focus on, people crowded into an open-house meeting on Tuesday, part of a City Hall outreach effort as officials work out the hows and whats of their approach to the next five to seven years.” Read more >

The Register-Guard: Eugene Public Outreach Effort On Parks is Lauded by Harvard — January 22, 2017
“A community outreach effort by the city of Eugene using a bright red trailer, pedal-powered music and free ice cream to gather public sentiment about city parks during the past two summers is ­receiving praise from the nation’s most ­prestigious university.” Read more >

OregonLive: 21,000 Reasons to Give Rent-Stabilization Policies A Chance (Opinion) — January 20, 2017
“Repealing the prohibition on rent stabilization would restore local control, allowing individual communities flexibility to design policies that meet their unique needs. A 2016 poll conducted by DHM Research found a majority of Oregonians support rent stabilization to help curb rents that are rising too fast for families to keep up.” Read more >

Weed Horn: Shredding the Shroud; The Waning Repetitional Risks of Banking Marijuana — January 8, 2017
“In November 2016, Oregon based firms LT Public Relations and DHM Research conducted a survey analyzing the reputational risks of banking marijuana. In another blow to cash’s position as the cannabis king, the survey concluded “a strong majority of [the public] approve of banks and credit unions offering financial services to the legal cannabis industry.” In fact, most “see a partnership between financial institutions and legal marijuana businesses as desirable.” Read more >

Entrepreneur.com: Study Finds Oregon Residents Support Banks Working With Marijuana Industry — December 20, 2016
“A study released this week shows that Oregon residents, by an overwhelming majority, feel working with the marijuana industry does not damage the reputation of financial institutions. The survey also indicates banks and credit unions might enhance their standing and attract new customers in Oregon by working with the cannabis industry.” Read more >

OPB: Study Measures Oregonians’ Attitudes Toward Marijuana, Banking — December 19, 2016
“A new study sheds light on public opinion when it comes to banks working with legal marijuana businesses. Many banks have chosen not to work with businesses in the marijuana industry because pot is illegal at the federal level.” Read more >

Northwest Credit Union Association: Study: Near-Unanimous Support for CUs in Oregon, Changing Attitudes Toward Marijuana Banking — December 12, 2016
“Portland-based LT Public Relations, in partnership with DHM Research, released the findings of a study last week that found 91 percent favorability of credit unions in Oregon, while also diving deeper into the evolving world of marijuana banking.” Read more >

Oregon Business: News Release-Study Shows Public Supports Banking For Cannabis Industry — December 12, 2016
“According to the research, reputational concerns banks and credit unions may have about working with marijuana businesses appear largely unfounded. If attitudes of Oregonians are a good barometer, then banks and credit unions in states where recreational marijuana is legal may have stronger reasons to enter the market than they do to abstain.” Read more >

Portland Business Journal: Minority and Women Business Owners Talk Challenges, Opportunities — November 16, 2016
“The barriers for minority and women entrepreneurs include access to capital. ‘The No. 1 challenge is financing,” said Su Midghall, principal, DHM Research. “Most funded their business through their own finances.’ Of the 10,000 companies that raised investor funding between 2012 and 2014, only 20 were owned by African-American women, Midghall said.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: My View: Is It Finally Time For Radical Reformation— November 15, 2016
“Last Wednesday night, before the riots of the next night, protesters peacefully gathered in downtown Portland to show their displeasure over the previous night’s election results. Among the signs at Pioneer Courthouse Square were a pair of banners that read: “Honk if you’re fed up” and “Honk if you will fight for change.” Read more >

OregonLive: How Chloe Eudaly’s Win Reshapes the Portland City Council — November 12, 2016
“Portland voters just hit the reset button. Again. Tuesday’s election of political novice Chloe Eudaly ushered in a major overhaul of the Portland City Council for the second time in four years. Coupled with Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler’s win in the May primary, the City Council of 2017 will feature two fresh faces – replacing the two newest members before them.” Read more >

KDRV: Web Extra: Full Interview With Research Expert on Election Polls — November 9, 2016
“The results of the statewide races are generating some surprise. Dennis Richardson upset Brad Avakian to become the first republican to hold that office since 1985. An Oregon research firm is not surprised because their research showed the upset weeks ago. John Horvick, Vice President and Political Director at DHM Research in Portland, shared insight on how they were able to figure out a republican would be elected to a state office in Oregon.” Read more >

OregonLive: Chloe Eudaly Leading Steve Novice but Portland City Council Race Too Close to Call — November 8, 2016
“Portland’s only City Council race is too tight to call Tuesday night, with political novice Chloe Eudaly pushing incumbent Steve Novick into an improbable nail-biter that could go down as the city’s biggest upset in decades.” Read more >

OPB: Poll: Measure 97 Losing Support in Oregon — November 1, 2016
“A corporate sales tax measure is continuing to lose support as the Nov. 8 general election approaches, according to a new poll commissioned by FOX-12. The poll also shows Kate Brown is on track to be elected Oregon governor, so the likely defeat of the Measure 97 corporate tax increase means she’ll face a big state budget deficit next year.” Read more >

KATU: Video: What You Need To Know About Polls During This Wild Election — October 30, 2016
See Natali Marmion’s full interview with DHM Research Political Director, John Horvick Read more >

Statesman Journal: Republican Within Striking Distance of Secretary of State Job — October 26, 2016
“A recent poll shows that Republican secretary of state candidate Dennis Richardson may have a chance this November against Democratic rival Brad Avakian.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: Facility Fight: What Kind Of Police Station Does Salem Need — October 21, 2016
“Walk through the Salem Police Department — navigate around the maze of cubicles and desks shared by 190 officers, detectives and sergeants, past the teetering towers of evidence, next to the interview rooms where victims can hear their perpetrators from across the hall — and the need for a new facility is obvious. Even opponents of the $82 million bond measure on the Nov. 8 ballot agree to that.” Read more >

Willamette Week: New OPB Poll Shows Support For Measure 97 Buckling Under Ad Onslaught — October 17, 2016
The poll of 600 conducted last week by DHM Research, shows just 43 percent of those surveyed say they will support Measure 97, the proposed $3 billion corporate tax increase. That’s down dramatically from a previous DHM/OPB poll released Sept. 8, which showed 60 of those surveyed supported the measure.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Poll: Support Drops For 97, Richardson Leads — October 17, 2016
“Support for the corporate sales tax measure on Nov. 8 general election ballot has dropped sharply since September and it now trails by a margin of 49 percent “no” to 45 percent “yes” in a new poll commissioned by Oregon Public Broadcasting.” Read more >

San Diego Union Tribune: Pot Is Polling High, But Opponents Say Colorado Is a Cautionary Tale — October 17, 2016
“Proposition 64 would legalize marijuana use for people over 21, impose state taxes on sales and cultivation, create a licensing system,  establish standards for marijuana goods, and allow local governments to set regulations — from taxing marijuana sales locally or banning it.” Read more >

East Oregonian: Marijuana Dispensary Question Goes To Voters In Three Cities  — October 7, 2016
“The fact that many local voters still aren’t personally familiar with dispensaries will work against the referendum’s passage, Moore said. According to a study by DHM Research, only 7 percent of people statewide have purchased recreational marijuana at a retail store.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Youth Have Clout If They Vote, Pollster Says  — October 6, 2016
“Younger Oregon voters have the clout to make their state even more liberal than it already is — if they only voted. On non-presidential election years, millennials disappear,” says Adam Davis, founding partner of the Portland-based DHM Research firm. “In the off-year November 2014 general election, 80 percent of those between the ages of 60 and 70 voted. Only 45 percent of those between 18 and 30 did.” Read more >

Politico: State News: Another Tax Experiment  — September 30, 2016
“When Oregon voters go to the polls next month, they’ll decide the fate of a 2.5 percent business tax on in-state gross sales over $25 million, which Bloomberg’s Alison Vekshin calls “the largest U.S. corporate tax increase in this millennium.” If the tax passes, it would grow Oregon’s budget by 33 percent and funnel $3 billion to schools, health care and programs for the elderly.” Read more >

Willamette Week: Eric Zimmerman Wants to Force Issue of Sheltering Homeless…  — September 28, 2016
“Zimmerman, chief of staff to Commissioner Diane McKeel, advanced to the November runoff by finishing second in the seven-way May primary. But he won just 22 percent of the vote compared with Meieran’s 42 percent.He can talk credibly and with knowledge about county assets and how they can be used,” says Portland pollster John Horvick of DHM Research. “It would make sense to draw a contrast with her strengths.” Read more >

OPB: Poll: Slight Majority Support Repealing Statewide Ban On Rent Control  — September 21, 2016
“As housing costs increase across the state, a slim majority of Oregon voters support repealing the statewide ban on rent control — with the most support being in the Portland area.” Read more >

NWCN: Could Portland’s Housing Bond Help Solve Homelessness?  — September 21, 2016
“In November, Portland voters will decide whether to pay for a historic bond to create affordable housing. Supporters say the bond could make a significant difference in how many homeless people are on Portland’s streets. There has been no organized opposition to the bond and many city leaders and agencies are in favor of it. The opposition will be seen at the polls, when tax-weary property owners will be asked to pay for other people’s housing.” Read more >

OregonLive: Poll: Most Oregonians View Legal Pot Favorably 2 Years After Vote  — September 16, 2016
“Sixty-one percent of voters think the legalization of recreational marijuana has had a positive impact on the state, while fewer than one-third see it negatively, according to polling by DHM Research, a nonpartisan opinion research firm with an office in Portland.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: A Closer Look At Economic Research OnMeasure 97  — September 12, 2016
“Oregon’s chief revenue officer is defending his agency’s report predicting that proposed corporate tax Measure 97 would prove harmful to the state’s economy, despite sharp criticism from backers of the tax.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Battle Over Measure 97 Hits The Air Waves  — September 12, 2016
“The battle over the merits of a proposed corporate sales tax measure on November’s ballot moved to the airwaves Monday, Sept. 12, as the Yes on 97 campaign unleashed its first radio ad.” Read more >

Portland Mercury: Oregon’s Proposed Corporate Tax Hike Is Polling Very Well, But Will That Last?  — September 8, 2016
“Less than two months from election day, polling released this afternoon by Portland firm DHM Research suggests that 60 percent of Oregonians favor Measure 97, which would raise $3 billion a year by hiking taxes on big corporations.” Read more >

OPB: Oregon Poll: Clinton Leads Trump; Brown Ahead of Pierce In Governor’s Race  — September 7, 2016
“Hillary Clinton holds a 13-point lead over Donald Trump in the presidential race, according to a Sept. 1-6 poll from DHM Research. Gov. Kate Brown leads Republican challenger Bud Pierce, 43 percent to 35 percent, in the race for governor.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: Groups Debate Bond on Salem Police Facility  — September 6, 2016
“Several issues will be at stake in November: Who will lead the country, who will be Oregon’s next governor and if the state will raise corporate taxes. But for Salem residents, one issue hits very close to home: a proposed bond measure that would fund an $82 million, 148,000-square-foot police facility.” Read more >

Lake Oswego Review: Citizen’s View: Campaigns Should Study Media Landscape  — August 25, 2016
“Thanks to changes in public perceptions of the media, however, campaign consultants may want to revisit their media strategy. This is especially true for two key groups: young voters and women.” Read more >

Public News Service: New Normal: Older Americans Work Past Retirement  — July 8, 2016
“Nearly 1 in 5 Americans in his or her golden years is still working, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Twenty years ago, about one in eight Americans older than 65 was working. Adam Davis, founder of DHM Research in Portland, has surveyed the older population on the desire to keep working, and he says longer, healthier lives are important factors.” Read more >

Govtech.com: Communities That Look Toward The Future of Aging Americans Fare Best  — July 8, 2016
“Places that are currently taking the needs of an aging population seriously will do best over the long haul.” Read more >

Governing.com: The Growing Imperative For Age-Friendly Communities  — July 6, 2016
“We hear a lot these days about the need to make communities smart and sustainable. But there’s another aspect of our communities that is getting more and more attention, not only from forward-looking public officials but also in university studies and international conferences: preparing communities to be friendly for the unprecedented aging of their populations.” Read more >

Newberg Graphic: Poll Gauges How Outsiders View Oregon  — July 6, 2016
“Across the country, most people still think of Oregon the way former Gov. Tom McCall described it: a nice place to visit. The state’s natural beauty was by far the most common thing mentioned in a recent national survey. That was followed by access to outdoor recreation.” Read more >

KTVZ: Oregon Launches Youth Marijuana Use Prevention Pilot Effort  — July 6, 2016
“The Oregon Health Authority announced Wednesday the launch of a youth marijuana use prevention campaign. The campaign’s goal is to prevent or delay the initiation of marijuana use among Oregon’s 12- to 20-year-old population.” Read more >

Capital Press: Support Slips In Oregon For International Trade Pacts  — July 6, 2016
“Support for international trade slipped in Oregon while the major candidates for president criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that Congress could consider later this year.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Latest Poll On Tax Plan Shows Voter Volatility  — July 5, 2016
“A new poll on the corporate sales tax measure that will appear on the November ballot indicates that the proposal is not only controversial, but also volatile.” Read more >

Newberg Graphic: Support Wanes for Trade Treaties  — June 29, 2016
“Support for international trade slipped in Oregon while the major candidates for president criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that Congress may consider later this year.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: Salem City Council Votes To Adopt Police Facility Resolution  — June 28, 2016
“Salem City Council members present Monday voted unanimously to adopt a drafted resolution for a bond funding the $82 million police facility.” Read more >

OregonLive: District Elections for Portland City Council Falling Short of Fall Ballot  — June 27, 2016
“The latest attempt to reshape Portland’s power structure appears to be over before it even really begins.Three east Portlanders who wanted voters to change the city’s 103-year-old form of government — adding district elections, instead of citywide votes for mayor and four commissioners — have all but admitted defeat.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: New Poll Numbers Help City Rethink Roots of Homelessness  — June 26, 2016
“Some local affordable housing advocates are making that argument as they press Portland and Multnomah County leaders to spend millions of dollars to create more affordable housing.” Read more >

OPB: What Do Outsiders Think About Oregon  — June 21, 2016
“The state’s natural beauty was by far the most common thing mentioned in a recent national survey conducted by DHM Research. That was followed by access to outdoor recreation.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Poll Gauges How Outsiders View Oregon  — June 16, 2016
“Oregon politicians frequently talk about the state as a progressive vanguard, touting its support for alternative energy, worker rights, and doctor-assisted suicide.” Read more >

Statesman Journal: Council Passes Next Step For New Police Facility  — June 8, 2016
“After years of deliberation, polls and public hearings, Salem City Council unanimously passed a motion to direct city staff to create a resolution for the proposed $82 million police facility following a public hearing Wednesday.” Read more >

OregonLive: Corporate Tax Initiative Likely To Dominate November Ballot  — May 21, 2016
“What had been shaping up as one of Oregon’s most tumultuous November ballots — with measures on emotional social issues colliding with a hot presidential race — will instead be dominated by a single fight over raising corporate taxes.” Read more >

LA Times: Could Hillary Clinton Win Oregon On Tuesday?  — May 12, 2016
“Like everyone else in Oregon, pollster John Horvick has watched as Bernie Sanders draws massive crowds by capitalizing on liberal dissatisfaction in this left-leaning state.” Read more >

OPB: Bernie Sanders Tells Oregon ‘We Must Defeat Donald Trump’ — May 11, 2016
“While Sanders has appeared this year in Portland and Springfield, Hillary Clinton hasn’t visited Oregon during this election cycle. But a new poll released by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Fox 12 shows the former Secretary of State leading Sanders by a wide margin.” Read more >

OregonLive: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Winning Oregon Primaries? — May 10, 2016
“If everything goes to plan Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders will have been in Oregon four times — drawing thousands of people to his speeches and talk of a massive win in the state’s Democratic presidential primary next Tuesday, May 17.” Read more >

OPB: Despite Bernie Sanders’ Crowds, Hillary Clinton Ahead In Oregon — May 6, 2016
“A new poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump headed toward primary victories next week in Oregon — and suggests Clinton holds a strong lead over Trump as both pivot toward the November general election. ” Read more >

The B Town Blog: Burien Citizens Mostly Satisfied WithCity Government — April 26, 2016
“Burien residents in a semiannual survey say they are concerned about crime and education, but are satisfied at how their city government is performing, with eight out of 10 people surveyed saying they were happy with their interactions with Burien city staff.” Read more >

Governing.com: Why Its Getting Harder to Learn What the Public Thanks — April 25, 2016
“Public officials need to understand how opinion research is evolving to meet modern challenges.” Read more >

The Daily Astorian: Fortelling Trump and Sanders — March 22, 2016
“The Donald. We know the national story, but how about here in Oregon? It is a similar story. He is currently leading the pack in the Republican primary election (though not by much) and is viewed positively by a narrow majority of Republican voters and about a third of all Oregon voters.” Read more >

OPB: Study: Oregon Voters Think Corporations Pay Too Little — March 15, 2016
“People do believe that big corporations don’t pay enough,” Horvick said. “It speaks to why this IP 28 strategy is being used. There is an opening for that kind of tax argument.” Read more >

KOIN6: Study: Middle Class Can’t Afford Homes Near Jobs — March 2, 2016
“A newly released study is highlighting an underreported aspect of the affordable housing crisis — the lack of homes that moderate-income families can afford to buy near employment centers in the region.” Read more >

OPB: Most Oregon Voters Approve Of Brown, Wyden Ahead Of Election — March 2, 2016
“Gov. Kate Brown and Sen. Ron Wyden are heading into election-year races with approval ratings that most presidential candidates can’t begin to approach in Oregon, according to a new poll conducted for OPB.” Read more >

OPB: Presidential Front-Runners Don’t Poll Well In Oregon — February 29, 2016
“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have been the front runners going into Super Tuesday, but both have low approval ratings with voters in Oregon, according to a new poll conducted for OPB.” Read more >

OregonLive: Poll: 72% In Portland Area Say TriMet’s Doing A Good Job — February 25, 2016
“Portlanders say they’re generally pretty happy with TriMet, though approval fell somewhat from a year earlier.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: Bailey Pledges Support For Unions — January 28, 2016
“Multnomah County Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Jules Bailey made another strong commitment to labor unions this week, pledging support for fair share in Portland regardless of the upcoming Supreme Court Decision surrounding the practice.” Read more >

Willamette Week: Tax Returns of Portland Mayoral Candidates Highlight Wealth — January 26, 2016
“Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler and Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey both make far more money than the average Portland household, but the gap between Wheeler and Bailey is wide.” Read more >

NR Today: Employees, Employers Discussed Family Friendly Business Practices — January 24, 2016
“Is there a connection between early childhood development and the business community?” asked Kelly Leonard, a committee member of the Douglas County Business Champions for Kids (Biz4Kids). “Could a collaboration be created and to what end? What is a family friendly business environment?” These questions prompted Biz4Kids, the Whipple Foundation and the Ford Family Foundation to search for the answers through a series of surveys of local employers and employees.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: 10 Ways Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Are Actually Similar — January 23, 2016
“At first glance, Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seem to have very little in common. But GoLocal took a closer look at the two campaigns, and found that the two outsiders share a fair amount of similar traits and attributes.” Read more >

Portland Mercury: Here’s The 10 Cent Gas Tax — January 22, 2016
“Next Wednesday, Portland’s city commissioners will take up the question of whether you, the people, should have the option of voting on a 10-cent-per-gallon gas tax in the city.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Hopeful About The Future? Not So Much — January 21, 2016
“In the past year, large-scale social movements on the left have raised up the voices of communities of color and called for increased income equality, forcing these issues to be addressed by presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle.” Read more >

Daily Astorian: 10 Values, Beliefs That Will Shape Political Landscape — January 21, 2016
“Oregonians will be facing a number of potentially divisive issues including raising the corporate minimum tax, raising the minimum wage, and rolling back climate change legislation. We are entering a year that state Sen. Peter Courtney describes as possibly being our Armageddon. It is also the time of year for reflection and list-making, so here’s another one for the record book, based on DHM Research surveys and focus groups: Oregonians’ values and beliefs that will inform the state’s political landscape in 2016.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: The Rise Of The Outside Candidate — January 20, 2016
“It’s been a rough few months for the political elite, as both in Portland and nationally, upstart and outsider candidates have dominated political coverage an have some established powers feeling the pressure. Experts told GoLocal that more upheaval and change could be on the way in 2016.t’s been a rough few months for the political elite, as both in Portland and nationally, upstart and outsider candidates have dominated political coverage an have some established powers feeling the pressure. Experts told GoLocal that more upheaval and change could be on the way in 2016.” Read more >

WillametteWeek: Portland State University Program Leader Sarah Iannarone Is About To Run For Portland Mayor — January 19, 2016
“A new candidate is expected to enter the race for Portland mayor this week. Sarah Iannarone, an assistant program director at Portland State University, will declare this week she’s running for mayor, sources tell WW.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Bailey Says Link To Cylvia Hayes A Non-Issue — January 19, 2016
“Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey, now in the spotlight as a candidate for Portland mayor, says federal investigators’ scrutiny of former First Lady Cylvia Hayes does not reflect on him, though they once worked for the same politically active nonprofit.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Ted Wheeler Faces Skepticism Among Some Mt.Tabor Reservoir Activists— January 19, 2016
“In 2013, at the height of the battle over the city’s push to cap the Mt. Tabor reservoirs, opponents began linking Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler to the contractor they blamed for the plan, and decrying an obscure state initiative they considered a stealth privatization effort.” Read more >

NR Today: What Makes A Family Friendly Business — January 10, 2016
“Flexible work schedules, family leave policies and on-site child care are among the top priorities for local employees, according to a recent report regarding Douglas County employee and employer perceptions about family friendly business practices.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: What Do Oregonians Freely Associate With Party Labels? — December 15, 2015
“What would you write if you were asked to record the first thing (no more than 10 words) that comes to mind when you hear the words “the media.” Or the words “big business?” Or “teachers’ unions?” Think about it. Give yourself a couple of seconds with each one.” Read more >

Oregon Live: Corporate Tax Initiative Starts With Strong Support From Oregon Voters — November 23, 2015
“A proposed ballot measure that would sharply increase taxes for the largest corporations doing business in Oregon starts out with strong support from voters, according to a survey taken by a Portland research firm.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: New Poll Predicts Bitter, Expensive Fight Over Corporate Taxes — November 24, 2015
“A new poll released this weekend from Portland-based political polling and research firm DHM Research showed that a majority of Oregon residents supported a corporate tax hike and predicted a bitter and expensive fight over the proposed ballot measure.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: Where is Wheeler’s Challenger? — November 9, 2015
“Even Wheeler said he hoped to have a new opponent in the race. He said after Hales’ departure he said he was still looking forward to a “competitive race” and indicated he expected a challenge in his statement.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Slim Majority Supports $15 Dollar Hour Minimum Wage Measure — November 6, 2015
“A slim 51 percent majority of Oregonians support a $15 per hour minimum wage measure if it appears on the November 2016 ballot, according to a new poll by DHM Research.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: New Study By Top OR Firms Reveals The Power Of Social Media — November 5, 2015
“Trying to affect some political change in Portland but not finding any luck at the voting booth, non-profits or other conventional measures? Well, according to a pair to a pair of top Oregon research firms, you may be barking up the wrong tree.Social media has the power to affect change, maybe even more power than the voting booth, according to a new study from DHM Research and Quinn Thomas.” Read more >

Portland Business Journal: Oregon Researchers Put A Surprising (And Varied) Value On Social Media — November 3, 2015
“A new report released Tuesday suggests that social media users in the Pacific Northwest have some very conflicted tendencies in the ways they use technology.” Read more >

KGW: Oregonians Believe In The Power Of Social Media, Study Says — November 2, 2015
“A new study found more than half of Oregonians feel that posting to social media is just as or more important to enacting change than voting, working on a political campaign or volunteering.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: Could Wheeler Be Vulnerable To A Challenge From The Left — November 2, 2015
“A week after incumbent Mayor Charlie Hales ended his campaign for re-election against State Treasurer Ted Wheeler (D), there has been no announcement of a new challenger in the race to be the city’s top executive. Experts tell GoLocal that what Wheeler should be most afraid of is an opponent that can present a more progressive platform than the State Treasurer.” Read more >

OPB: We’re Not Prepared For A Major Earthquake — October 23, 2015
“Sixty-three percent of Oregonians say they’re at least somewhat prepared. … That’s a start. But only 12 percent say they’re very prepared. And when we’re talking about a major earthquake, somewhat’s probably not going to cut it,” he said…” Read more >

OPB: Northwest Residents Feel Economy Is Steady — October 22, 2015
“Voters in Oregon and Washington feel that the economy is holding steady. That’s according to a poll commissioned by OPB earlier this month. DHM Research asked 4oo Oregonians and 400 Washingtonians about their perspective on the direction of their state, the economy, and their own personal financial health. The poll’s margin of error is 3.5 percent. But for individual states it is 4.9 percent.” Read more >

OregonLive: To Reduce Gun Violence, Voters Strongly Support Tackling Mental Illness — October 21, 2015
“A new poll taken after the mass shooting in Roseburg found that Oregon voters remain deeply divided over gun control but do support some specific actions to decrease gun violence.” Read more >

OPB: Mass Shootings Are A Mental Health Problem — October 21, 2015
“Most voters in Oregon and Washington think mass shootings – like the one earlier this month at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg – are the result of untreated mental health problems.  More than half of voters in the two states think mass shootings are avoidable.” Read more >

OregonLive: Most People Don’t See Portland Cops Walking The Beat — October 16, 2015
“A majority of people who responded to a city survey this summer – 77 percent — said they have never seen a Portland police officer patrolling their neighborhood on foot.” Read more >

GoLocalPDX: Who Won the Democratic Debate? The Experts Weigh In — October 14, 2015
“The first Democratic presidential debate was held on Wednesday night at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following the debate, GoLocalPDX reached out to two of the area’s political experts, who said Hillary Clinton dominated the night’s action.” Read more >

OPB: DHM Survey-Oregon Voters Prefer Clinton, Trump — August 7, 2015
“A new survey released Thursday finds that Oregon Republicans favor Donald Trump for the 2016 GOP presidential primary nomination. Meanwhile, Oregon Democrats put their support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, though by a slim margin. DHM Research in Portland surveyed 536 Oregonians online July 22-27 about their opinions on the primary candidates…” Read more >

KTVZ: Bend 2030, City Launch Online Gas Tax Survey — June 22, 2015
“Bend 2030 and the City of Bend launched a new online community survey Monday to test attitudes about a gas tax and multi-modal transportation investments in Bend…The online community survey, available through July 12, was designed primarily in response to the ideas put forth by 175 attendees at the April Bend 2030 Transportation Forum…” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Men, Women, Young, Old: Not so Different After All, DHM Poll Says — May 25, 2015
“…But would another woman governor make any difference in terms of policy decisions? The same question surrounds Hillary Clinton, who is running to be the first female president. Do women differ from men on issues because they are women? In Oregon, at least, the answer is both no and yes, according to surveys conducted over the past two years by DHM Research…” Read more >

OPB: Poll-Voters Want Higher Minimum Wage, But Say $15 Is Too Much — April 22, 2015
“In Oregon, the poll found most voters — 57 percent — oppose raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Some 39 percent support it…DHM Research conducted the poll from April 13 to April 17…” Read more >

Politico: Meet Kate Brown — February 15, 2015
“The political watchers that I talk to, they do not necessarily see her as the strongest candidate” for the Democratic nomination, said John Horvick, political director at DHM Research, a nonpartisan public opinion firm in Oregon…” Read more >

Willamette Week: Opening the tax floodgates — January 14, 2015
Here are five places where the debate about taxes in Oregon will land…Gas prices are in free fall, which could make a tax hike more palatable. “That makes people think they can increase the gas tax,” says pollster Adam Davis of DHM Research. “It’s something they think they can do because of the price drop.” Read more >

Portland Tribune: Adam Davis editorial, better programs needed to help the poor — November 20, 2014 
Adam Davis: “Oregonians may be negative about government and politics; we may not know the basics of governance and public finance; and we may not believe we are making progress addressing the state’s critical issues. But we have big hearts when it comes to the poor…” Read more >

Bloomberg News: Oregon voting on bonds for first-ever state college fund — October 30, 2014
Oregon voters will decide Nov. 4 whether to let the state sell bonds to create a first-of-its-kind endowment to boost financial aid for college students…DHM Research, a Portland-based polling firm, found in a survey of 516 registered voters that 35 percent support the debt measure, 41 percent opposed, and 25 percent were undecided… Read more >

Desire or need, Millennials demand transit options — October 20, 2014
As the most educated of all living generations at this phase in life, Millennials also value transit because they understand its benefits on a conceptual or academic level. “Those with higher degrees tend to be more supportive of public transit and public investments,” said John Horvick, Director of Research at DHM Research… Read more >

OPB/Fox 12: Poll shows statewide races swinging toward incumbents — October 14, 2014
Republican candidates are struggling this election season, according to a new poll released by OPB and Fox 12. The poll found that 50 percent of respondents would vote for incumbent Democrat John Kitzhaber, in the race for governor. While just 29 percent say they’ll vote for Republican challenger Dennis Richardson. Pollster John Horvick of Portland-based DHM Research, says that’s a big gulf for Richardson to bridge, especially considering ballots are coming out Wednesday… Read more >

OPB: Race, economics and what do you think of you neighbors — September 11, 2014 
Two new polls from OPB find that a good percentage of Northwesterners don’t think race relations have changed much since the 1960s. The polls also looked at the economy and what Washingtonians and Oregonians think about each other…John Horvick of DHM Research conducted the poll and says Republicans and rural voters tend to see more advances  than Democrats and urban voters do… Read more >

OPB/EarthFix: Most NW residents want labeling for GMOs — July 21, 2014
Oregon voters will likely decide in November whether the state should require the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Early polling shows strong support. But will it end up being defeated like similar measures in California in 2012 and Washington in 2013? A new poll for EarthFix of Oregon residents puts support for labeling genetically engineered foods at 77 percent… Read more >

Oregonlive: Washington County voters split on vehicle registration fee — June 10, 2014
Washington County voters are split down the middle between supporting a new vehicle-registration fee for road maintenance and opposing the fee, according to a county survey…Those surveyed listed the following reasons for supporting the fee, according to Ari Wubbold of DHM Research… Read more >

Washington Post: Gay marriage initiative leads by wide margin in Oregon — May 8, 2014
Oregon voters are poised to legalize same-sex marriage by amending the state Constitution for the second time in a decade, according to a new survey released this week. The poll, conducted by Portland-based DHM Research, shows 58 percent of Oregon voters would back changing the state Constitution to allow marriage between homosexual couples… Read more >

Quinn Thomas Public Affairs: Oregon’s Millenials at a Crossroads — April 2, 2014
In 2013, Quinn Thomas and DHM Research formed a partnership to begin helping the region’s political, economic, and social influencers assess many of the critical issues impacting the Pacific Northwest. Today, we are pleased to be publishing our first report: “Are Millennials Reshaping Politics in the Pacific Northwest?”  Read more >

Portland Tribune: How liberal is Portland? — March 4, 2014
This ain’t ‘Portlandia’ but it sure feels like it, according to a survey highlighting the Rose City’s very lefty political leanings. Results from the 2013 Oregon Values & Beliefs Survey have been presented publicly before, including at a Portland City Council work session. But the Portland Tribune asked the Davis Hibbitts & Midghall Research firm to run the numbers again, this time separating Portland from the rest of the region and the state… Read more >

Statesman Journal: Poll finds voters split on Civic Center upgrade — February 12, 2014
DHM Research, a Portland company, asked 400 registered voters in Salem about their views on a bond measure for a seismic upgrade and redesign of Vern Miller Civic Center.The survey, done on behalf of the city of Salem with public funds, shows voters are split over the idea of paying higher property taxes in exchange for a stronger, safer city hall and police station… Read more >

Eugene Register-Guard: Survey finds commonalities among Oregonians’ values and beliefs — January 9, 2014
Oregon’s urban-rural divide is well-documented, reflected in the fate of statewide ballot measures and legislators’ votes. It’s a fact that residents in Pendleton don’t always see eye to eye with residents in Portland, and vice versa. So guess which part of the state is home to a majority that feels we need to change our lifestyles in response to climate change, and that productive farm and forestland need to be protected from development… Read more >

The Oregonian: Hillsboro’s revived rec center plan: Older residents offer least support for a bond city hopes to avoid — November 21, 2013
…So if the city takes the matter to voters — a fate it’s hoping to avoid — officials will need to rally young residents or turn sentiment among some older ones, DHM Research President Su Midghall told parks commissioners this week. In 2008, voters rejected a bond measure to build a recreation facility near the same site on 53rd Avenue… Read more >

The Daily Astorian: Oregonians united about education, pessimistic about change — October 3, 2013
There’s something of a united front in the state when it comes to education. That’s one of the findings of the Oregon Values and Beliefs Project, a wide-reaching collection of surveys designed to take the pulse of Oregonians on issues that matter to them…DHM Research founding principal Adam Davis said the pessimism also showed up in responses to a basic question about whether people of different backgrounds can find common ground to solve a range of problems… Read more >

Juneau Empire: Project wants to know why you love salmon — September 9, 2013
A Kodiak woman is leading a study to find out why Alaskans love salmon. The Salmon Project, still in an exploratory phase, aims to find out about the deep connections Alaskans have with wild salmon…The project kicked off earlier this year by conducting a series of public opinion research. DHM Research came up with 11 focus groups in eight rural and urban communities that surveyed more than 2,000 Alaskans… Read more >

Anchorage Daily News: New project unites Alaskans around connections with wild salmon — August 9, 2013
The Salmon Project kicked off in early 2013 by conducting a series of public opinion research. DHM Research designed and carried out 11 focus groups in eight rural and urban communities around the state, interviewed 35 community leaders and surveyed more than 2,000 people… Read more >

Wilsonville Spokesman: Washington County vehicle fee plan parked — July 14, 2013

The Washington County Commission will not decide whether to authorize a motor vehicle registration fee — with or without a public vote — until September at the earliest…the county wanted to gauge public opinion on the fee before the committee’s September meeting. The county has contracted with DHM Research for the survey… Read more >

The Columbian: Support for coal drops to 41% in recent DHM poll — June 19, 2013
A recent public opinion poll by DHM Research for EarthFix asked Northwest residents how they felt about transporting coal from Montana and Wyoming through the Northwest. That coal would then be exported to Asia. John Horvick, with DHM Research, says last year 55% of Northwest residents supported coal transportation. Now, 41% of residents support it… Read more >

The Oregonian: Taxes, roads and the search for maintenance money — June 11, 2013
Each city or county has a different set of infrastructure challenges and the state has too many transportation needs to count. But the results of the Portland poll, conducted by DHM Research for the Portland Development Commission, suggest an unspoken question: Wouldn’t it be easier to fund future road projects if the state had a sales tax? Read more >

OBM: 100 Best Green Companies To Work For In Oregon 2013 — May 30, 2013
The fifth annual 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon list showcases exemplary workplaces that inspire and empower workers with a daily and enduring commitment to sustainable practices…The 100 Best project is supervised and conducted by Oregon Business research editor Brandon Sawyer and research partner DHM Research of Portland… Read more >

The Spokesman-Review: Clean energy incentives keep spurring growth — May 18, 2013
…It shouldn’t be surprising that Washingtonians want more renewables. In fact, a poll from DHM Research found that, on average, Washingtonians favor doubling the amount of wind the state produces, and quadrupling the amount of solar energy used by the state… Read more >

Statesman Journal: Several factors play into political climate — May 6, 2013
…In a post-2011 session poll by Survey USA, conducted for Portland TV station KATU, Kitzhaber got a job favorability rating of 49 percent to 43 percent — but among Hispanics, the ratio was reversed. A survey released last week by DHM Research, conducted for Oregon Public Broadcasting and Fox News 12, put his rating at 42 percent to 32 percent… Read more >

Portland Tribune: Metro survey: Put money in transit, roads — May 3, 2013
… a majority of those who responded to a recent Metro survey said they’d be willing to pay more to drive, provided the money went to fix potholes, repair and expand roads, and expand public transportation and bike and pedestrian systems…The online survey was managed by DHM Research, a Portland polling firm… Read more >

OPB/FOX-12: Oregonians want PERS change, but aren’t ‘paying attention’ to the issue — April 30, 2013
More than 60 percent of Oregonians think that the Public Employees Retirement System needs to be restructured — according to a new OPB/Fox 12 poll…John Horvick of DHM Research, conducted the poll and says by this weekend only 18 percent of Oregonians knew Democrats had even proposed a plan to restructure PERS… Read more >

The Economist: Columbia River Crossing — April 6, 2013

Adam Davis, Principal and Founder at DHM Research, was happy to provide background information for this article. It’s an interesting read on the political and public opinion issues that the Columbia River Crossing project has faced… Read more >

USA Today: Oregon Legislators Consider Bill to Legalize Pot — April 3, 2013
A survey that DHM Research of Portland conducted last week indicates support for marijuana legalization has reached the 50% mark in Oregon. “It sends a signal to where the voters’ attitudes are heading,” said John Horvick, a senior associate with the firm. He also said a majority of respondents want the Legislature to pass the bill or refer it to voters instead of having advocates write a ballot initiative… Read more >

Survey: Growing Number of Missourians Support Legalizing MarijuanaMarch 26, 2013
A new survey claims a majority of Missourians favor legalization. The poll, conducted by DHM Research, surveyed 500 likely 2014 Missouri voters. Participants were asked if they would support a ballot measure nearly identical to the one that Show-Me Cannabis Regulation attempted to place on the ballot in 2012… Read more >

The Olympian: DHM poll finds Washington voters split on whether state should raise taxes to fully fund schools — March 4, 2013
A poll released this week just prior to the state Supreme Court’s Thursday decision that struck down the two-thirds vote requirement for tax legislation found voters split on whether Washington state should raise taxes to fully fund schools. The poll was done by a Portland firm, DHM Research, and commissioned by advocates of school funding and accountability in the Excellent Schools Now coalition… Read more >

Willamette Week: DHM Poll Finds Oregonians Open to Property Tax Changes — February 26, 2013
Lawmakers in Salem are considering many changes in Oregon’s property tax system, hoping to address issues of fairness, compression and, in some cases, they’re trying to bust the limits created by ballot measures over the past 23 years…Prior to the session, the League of Oregon Cities, which wants to see a variety of changes, commissioned polling on property taxes, which is now circulating in the Capitol… Read more >

New Bend survey finds upbeat city views — February 17, 2013
The phone (both landline and cell phones) survey last month of 400 Bend residents found a strong majority are happy with the city’s performance, with 60 percent giving the city an A or B grade, the Portland-based DHM Research survey found. That’s up 11 percent from the last survey, in 2007… Read more >

Portland Tribune: Even on guns, we’re true blue — February 14, 2013
This is no surprise, but Oregon is still Obama country, even on two controversial issues that became the president’s priorities after he was re-elected, gun control and immigration reform. According to a new survey by DHM Research, most Oregonians agree with President Barack Obama on the issues… Read more >

Fox 12: Poll shows Oregonians’ opinions on immigration reform — February 10, 2013
A new survey is giving a snapshot of what Oregonians think about immigration reform. The DHM Research survey showed 68 percent agreed immigrants are essential to building the future economy in Oregon. More than 70 percent of people in the tri-county area (Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties) and the Willamette Valley agreed with that statement, compared to 58 percent for the rest of the state…
Read more >

Portland Tribune: Most Oregonians favor tougher gun control laws — February 7, 2013
Most Oregonians favor tougher gun control laws, with women, Democrats, residents in the tri-county area and resident in the mid-Willamette Valley more in favor of them, according to a new poll…The poll was conducted by DHM Research…Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they felt laws covering the sales of firearms should be made more strict, compared to 33% of who felt they should be kept as they are now. Only 5% said gun laws should be made less strict… Read more >

OPB: Poll finds chasm between parties on gun laws — February 7, 2013
A poll conducted by DHM Research delineates how Oregonians view the evolving debate on gun laws. Pollster Ari Wubbold says the online survey of 365 Oregonians reflects the state’s population as a whole. “Some of the big differences we found had to do with Democrats and Republicans, males and females and the area of the state. For example, we found women were much more receptive to additional gun control legislation…” Read more >

Rep. Kurt Schrader seeks influence for moderate ‘Blue Dogs’ in partisan Congress — January 22, 2013
Statesman Journal. A small group of fiscally conservative House Democrats — including the Salem area’s congressman — hopes to play a large role in getting results in the deeply partisan 113th Congress…He can stake out the middle ground without fear of political repercussions come election time, said Tim Hibbitts, a co-founder of the Portland polling firm Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall… Read more >

The Oregonian’s David Sarasohn: Higher education’s bowl game in Salem — January 5, 2013
…In DHM surveys and focus groups, 40 percent say they now consider higher education funding more important than they did five years ago. In fact, “More than two-thirds said it was either an ‘urgent’ or ‘high’ priority to fully fund secondary education to train students in critical degrees and with the skills tied to real-life jobs (69%) and to support the type of research that leads to new jobs in fields like health care, engineering, and high tech (68%).” Read more >

The Oregonian reflects on Mayor Adam’s time in office — January 2, 2013
As he prepares to leave office Dec. 31, Adams can point to accomplishments that could reshape the city for decades: an office dedicated to equity, a tax for arts organizations and teachers, an eastside streetcar line, an expanded bike boulevard network…Despite his efforts, Adams remains one of, if not the, most divisive politicians in the state. Although polling shows that Portlanders have warmed to Adams, more than 40 percent of voters still have negative feelings. That’s the highest level veteran pollster Tim Hibbitts said he can remember for a Portland politician… Read more >

Poll: Oregon voters supportive of property tax reform — December 5, 2012
In September, the League of Oregon Cities hired DHM Research to survey 600 Oregon voters, floating a number of proposed changes to Oregon’s property tax system. The result? Of those surveyed, 47 percent would support tweaks to the system and 17 percent want to throw the system out and start from scratch. Another 9 percent think the status quo is fine and the rest aren’t sure… Read more >

Poll: Voters rank Kitzhaber above unions, Congress — December 3, 2012
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber continues to be popular, according to a post-election poll for Fox News 12 and Oregon Public Broadcasting…The Oregon business community also scored high on the same question at 5.5. Trailing the pack were Oregon’s labor unions, hitting 4.7 on the confidence scale, and Congress, at 4.2. The poll of 500 registered Oregon voters was conducted between Nov. 9 and 12 by Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall Inc… Read more >

Poll: Support for Metro’s proposed natural areas levy — November 30, 2012
Metro, despite misgivings of some area officials, is moving ahead with a tax levy to help maintain thousands of acres of natural areas…”What we see in the poll is strong support across the region,” said Adam Davis, a principal with Portland-based DHM Research, which conducted the poll… Read more >

Hold the celebration, pollsters say electorate wants problems fixed — November 22, 2012
Not so fast, Oregon Democrats. Your mandate is not as big as you think. That’s one conclusion drawn from a sobering post-election poll by Fox 12 and Oregon Public Broadcasting… “I have never seen the voters so negative. They believe the entire political system needs to be fixed,” says Adam Davis, co-founder of Davis, Hibbitts, Midghall Inc., the Portland firm that conducted the poll…Davis is not surprised by how negative most Oregon voters are feeling. He and his DHM associates have watched voters grow more disillusioned with government over the years… Read more >

Post-election poll finds voters dissatisfied with American politics — November 13, 2012
A new poll commissioned by OPB and Fox 12 finds the economy was the most important issue for Oregon voters this past election. But with the election results tallied, a large number of Oregonians report negative feelings about the recent campaign and the political system as a whole… Read more >

It’s no hurricane, but a storm of undecideds clouds Oregon’s 2012 election — October 30, 2012
A new poll, commissioned by OPB and Fox-12, finds that Oregonians are likely to choose Barack Obama for President this election, and Portand voters seem to be poised to pick Charlie Hales as their next mayor…Tim Hibbitts of Portland pollsters, DHM Research, says that while he’s predicting an Obama win, it’ll be by a much smaller margin than the 17-points Obama enjoyed in 2008… Read more >

Poll: Do NW residents care about stormwater? — October 17, 2012
Urban stormwater runoff beat out a number of other water pollution sources as a top concern in a poll commissioned by EarthFix and conducted by Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall (DHM Research)… Read more >

What Portlanders Really Think — September 28, 2012
What “WE” want and what we really think about love, sex, money, religion, politics and more… Read more >

Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith enter Portland mayoral race’s final stretch after stumbles — September 1, 2012
…Political pollster Tim Hibbitts, though, isn’t sure either candidate’s record will dissuade many voters. “Both of these guys have had a rocky introduction to voters, but at the end of the day, I’m not sure it matters,” Hibbitts said. Voters “do tend to have low expectations of candidates these days. That arguably helps these two candidates.”… Read more >

Most Burien Residents Say City Headed in Right Direction but Safety Is a Concern — August 29, 2012
A majority of Burien residents like living here and think the city is moving in the right direction. These are among the results of the biennial Community Benchmark Survey (download PDF here, see p. 31–84), conducted by DHM Research of Portland. The survey was submitted to city council members during their Aug. 27 study session…Read more >

Opt In panelists offer surprising responses in trash survey — August 22, 2012
A study of the region’s trash system is still in its formative stages, but panelists in a recent Opt In survey had some clear messages for Metro’s solid waste planners….Read more >

You know you’re an Oregonian when… — August 15, 2012
..Metro’s recent Opt In survey asked more than 1,300 Portland-area residents how many years it took for someone to be considered an Oregonian. More than half said the answer was one to five years. One in five said the answer was more like six to 10 years. One in 10 people said it should be less than a year. The same number said the answer was 11 to 20 years…Read more >

Poll: We (mostly) like our neighborhoods — August 15, 2012
No matter where you live in the Portland area, chances are you feel better about your neighborhood than you do about your city, the region, the state — and especially the nation. That’s just one finding of Metro’s recent online Opt In survey. It was managed by Portland’s research firm of Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall Inc…Read more >>

No public dollars for Sodo Arena: Poll — August 10, 2012
A majority of Seattle voters do not want city and county bonds used to help build a new indoor sports arena in Sodo, according to an opinion poll paid for by maritime interests with strong reservations about the project. The poll, by the highly regarded Portland firm of DHM Research, found 52 percent opposed and 42 percent supportive…Read more >>

Oregonians in poll and survey: Put vocational education back in high schools — August 16, 2012
In a short survey and poll about education priorities, Oregonians named as their top choice one that isn’t typically a priority for policymakers: Restoring vocational classes in high school…Read more >>

Roads? Rail? How do we pay for them? — August 8, 2012
A new Metro survey says Portland-area residents want government leaders to maintain and repair existing infrastructure to create jobs. But there are important differences within the region as to what kind of improvements should be made, and how to pay for them…Read more >>

Portland Mayor’s Race: Jefferson Smith, Charlie Hales Jockey for Broad Appeal — July 31, 2012
Perspiration and inspiration. Portland’s next mayor will have to persuade voters he oozes both, says political consultant Len Bergstein. So far, Charlie Hales has cast himself as the candidate who sweats to get things done, and Jefferson Smith as the candidate with the charisma to move Portland forward…Read more >>

Poll Finds Support for Portland Public Schools Bond — July 27, 2012
The poll, conducted from April 14 to 17 by Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall Research of Portland, showed 61 percent of voters said they would support a $500 million bond, while 29 percent would vote against it…Read more >>

Survey Finds Support For Coal Transport Through NW — July 26, 2012
A new public-opinion poll for EarthFix finds a majority of residents in Washington, Oregon and Idaho express support for transporting coal from Wyoming and Montana through the Northwest so it can be exported to Asia…Read more >>

Poll Finds Water Quality NW Residents Top Concern — July 18, 2012
A new public opinion poll finds that water quality ranks as Northwesterners’ top environmental concern…Read more >>

Opt In Survey Gathers Ideas — July 4, 2012
What should Metro do with the thousands of acres of open spaces it has acquired in recent years – preserve them in their natural states or open them for activities such as hiking, biking, walking and other recreation?…Read more >>

Poll: Brady in Third Place In Portland’s Mayoral Race — May 14, 2012
A new poll by DHM Research finds that Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith are leading the Portland mayor’s race…Read more >>

Police Policies Are Key Issue In Race for Portland Mayor — May 3, 2012
A new poll by OPB and Fox 12 shows Portland’s mayoral race is a very close contest. Three leading contenders, Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales, and Jefferson Smith, are so close that, according to the polling firm DHM Research, they fall within the poll’s margin of error of plus- or minus-five percent. Many voters are still undecided…Read more >>

Northwest Nuclear Plant Launches Publicity Campaign — April 20, 2012
The utility Energy Northwest is launching a new TV ad campaign to improve the image of nuclear power. But the ads touting nuclear energy as green might be a tough sell…Read more >>

Poll: Are things looking up? — January 31, 2012
Some interesting results from a new public opinion survey commissioned by Oregon Public Broadcasting and conducted by DHM Research of Portland. (For the record, 500 residents were quizzed last week; margin of error is plus/minus 4.4 percentage points0. Of those sampled, 42 percent thought things were going in the right direction in Oregon, up from 32 percent in September; 40 percent thought things were on the wrong track, down from 50 percent in September…Read more >>