Megan Wentworth

Vice President of Operations and Strategy

Megan joined DHM in 2015. She helps to craft effective internal structures, organizational clarity of vision, and the partnerships necessary to ensure that each DHM project provides the client with the most effective, comprehensive, and cost-responsible end products.

Megan oversees DHM’s corporate strategy and internal operations including fielding processes; coordinating data collection, timelines, and quality control. She also plays a crucial role in designing appropriate samples for DHM’s most difficult projects, and in conducting recruitment for hard to reach populations such as high-level influencers and minority populations.

Megan has a professional background in wealth planning, organizational development, and philanthropy. Most recently, she spent seven years as the Director of Program and Member Services at Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington. Megan serves as Vice President of Women’s Foundation of Oregon, coordinates giving for the Mary McKinney & Flay Ezell Fund, and serves on the board of directors of B-word Worldwide, a non-profit feminist media organization.

Megan graduated from the University of Oregon and holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Megan has been working with DHM since 2012 managing project flow and fielding.