DHM Research works on hundreds of projects a year for public, private, and non-profit clients across the United States. Here is a brief glimpse at some of our latest projects. Projects are categorized by our eight specialty policy and issue areas.

Ballot Measures, Taxes & Voting
Education Reform
Land Use & Transportation Planning
Community Planning & Public Involvement
Natural Resources
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Health & Wellness
Organization Image Studies

Ballot Measures, Taxes & Voting
OPB/Portland Tribune/KPTV News and Election Coverage

We partner with OPB, the Portland Tribune, and KPTV to provide live election coverage and news. Stories and news content are developed by surveying Oregonians on key issues on a regular basis. Our numbers for elections are considered some of the most credible by reporters and research experts.

Hillsboro (Oregon) City Operations Levy Renewal

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of voters in the City of Hillsboro to determine opinions about renewal of the current operating levy for police, fire, and emergency services and parks maintenance. The measure was voted on in the May 2012 election and passed.

David Douglas School District Bond

A telephone survey of voters was conducted in the David Douglas School District to determine opinions on a bond to repair school buildings, upgrade facilities, increase security, and purchase textbooks and technology. The measure was passed in May 2012.

Oak Lodge Sanitary District Bond Measure

In partnership with Oak Lodge Sanitary District and Barney & Worth, we conducted telephone survey and focus group research among registered voters within the boundaries of the Oak Lodge Sanitary District to gauge support for a bond measure that would determine how to finance improvements to the District’s sanitation plant. The initial survey showed a “yes” vote of 32% just 6 weeks before the election, and after extensive public outreach using messages that tested best in the research, the bond measure passed with 85% of the vote.

Healthy Democracy Oregon

Using our own DHM panel, we recruited registered voters in Oregon to participate in an online survey regarding the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet. The online survey tested three potential design layouts for the Citizen Initiative Review of ballot measures that would appear in the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet. Respondents were able to look at three actual Citizen’s Initiative Reviews through our online platform which allows for image and video displays. Participants’ opinions were used to inform the final design and implementation.

Education Reform
A+ Washington

DHM Research conducted eight focus group discussions with teachers, voters, and minority parents to test messages and strategies. Each group discussed the A+ Washington messages and strategies, discussed public charter schools, and ways to improve Washington’s public schools.

Connecticut Can

DHM Research conducted a survey and focus groups of Connecticut voters to explore their understanding of and attitudes towards public school financing in Connecticut. A secondary objective was to determine public attitudes on teacher performance and student achievement. A follow-up survey was conducted with teachers in Connecticut on these same issues.

Coalition of Washington Education Organizations

Conducted a telephone survey of Washington Public School teachers for a coalition of organizations through a list DHM compiled of current Washington public school teachers. This research was conducted independent of any union or government body. The purpose of this survey was to objectively gather teacher’s opinions about issues they face in the classroom, their ideas for improving schools and teachers, and to assess their support for specific education reform proposals, including a mentoring program for new teachers and principals.

Colorado Great Teachers and Leaders Bill

Conducted a statewide telephone survey on behalf of Stand for Children Colorado of Colorado voters to assess their opinions on teacher pay and teacher support in the state. This research was used by DHM and Stand to promote Colorado voter’s support for the “Great Teachers and Leaders” bill, which passed in May 2010. This bill is the most significant legislation yet in the context of the Race to the Top grant process and has been noted by media as the boldest piece of education legislation passed by a Democrat-controlled legislature.

Chalkboard Project

An ongoing partnership with Foundations for a Better Oregon and the Chalkboard Project to assess residents’ attitudes toward K-12 education in Oregon through a variety of research methodologies including focus groups, telephone surveys, and online surveys. The research findings have helped to support the most comprehensive private initiative for K-12 education reform in the State of Oregon, The Class Project, as well as developing tools to help teachers, students, and parents in public education.

Land Use & Transportation Planning
Your City, Your Choice

DHM has developed and led “Your City, Your Choice” for the City of Portland seven times between 1994 and 2010, with 2009 marking the first year of Multnomah County’s participation in the project. Through surveys, focus groups, and large group studies, this research has 1) determined changes in residents’ values and beliefs and budget priorities through time, and 2) provided the City with current attitudinal and demographic data to assist with budgeting, planning, program evaluation, and internal and external communications.

Sacramento Council of Governments (SACOG) 2050 Vision and Metropolitan Transportation Plan for 2035

Telephone and online surveys including MaxDiff, and focus groups with residents living in the six counties in the Sacramento area to gauge public priorities for long range planning and growth development, and to gather perceptions of different land use scenarios related to transportation, planning, quality of life, and land conservation. This research helped shape policies for the region’s alternative growth pattern that guides planning and policy for the region and set the foundation on which the region’s transportation plan.

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Growth Visioning Project

Telephone and online surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews for SCAG’s Growth Visioning Study to learn about Southern California residents’ awareness, perceptions, and priorities for issues related to future growth in the region, including land use and transportation preferences. Research was conducted in six counties and a portion of the research specifically targeted different ethnic and demographic groups including Hispanics (using bi-lingual interviewers), African-Americans, Asians, and low-income residents.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Ongoing relationship with ODOT conducting survey and focus group research to update the master transportation plan for the state, gauge concerns and support for the Columbia River Crossing (CRC), and test solutions for reducing traffic congestion. Findings have benchmarked Oregonians’ attitudes and opinions about transportation needs and improvements, priorities for developing a transportation system, willingness to pay for additional improvements, and opinions about specific issues around public transit, traffic congestion, and transportation impacts on the environment and economy.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference

DHM Research conducted and presented a live-stream focus group with ten 24-34 year old Tri-County residents about their perceptions barriers to owning electric vehicles, including purchase and maintenance costs, information sources, and power source availability and requirements. Adam Davis presented his analysis of the focus group, which spurred conference discussions on consumer perceptions and demographics.

Community Planning & Public Involvement

DHM Research developed, implemented, and currently manages Metro’s regional public engagement tool Opt In. Through the panel, now with over 17,000 members, Metro and its community partners assess opinion and feelings on key issues around the region and state. The panel’s results regularly receive press coverage and media attention, and regional leaders and senior staff use findings to inform decision-making on everything from operations and messaging, to strategic planning for capital projects and infrastructure.

Oregon’S kitchen table ONLINE PANEL

DHM Research developed and currently manages Portland State University College of Urban and Public Affair’s statewide public engagement tool Oregon’s Kitchen Table. Through the panel, Governor John Kitzhaber and project partners assess opinion and feelings on key issues around the state, and invite Oregonians to weigh in on the state’s most urgent policy issues.

Clackamas County

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of Clackamas County residents about County services and issues. In addition to assessing awareness of County services and their level of satisfaction, this survey gauged residents’ priorities for transportation, public safety, and health and human services. This study was not meant to test voter support for any county initiatives.

Lake Oswego (Oregon) Facilities

DHM Research conducted two large group studies (community conversations) to aid the City of Lake Oswego with community planning and communications as they relate to the uses of downtown government facilities. Participants discussed their awareness of the current uses of city facilities and ideas about future use of those facilities, including their revitalization and what that might mean for downtown Lake Oswego. Information supplemented City outreach efforts and plans.

Metro (Oregon) Climate Smart Communities

DHM Research conducted survey and focus group research with business leaders, residents, and teens to inform communications recommendations (lead by Carlson Communications) for Metro on increasing the effectiveness of their communications efforts on climate change and sustainable living.

Natural Resources
Oregon Forests Values and Beliefs

Telephone, online, and focus group research on behalf of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) and Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to gauge Oregonians’ opinions about forest management issues in Oregon including their forest values and beliefs, forest management goals, and specific issues ranging from clear cutting to wood products to water quality, to biomass energy.

Montana Smart Growth Coalition/Greater Yellow Stone Coalition

Qualitative and quantitative research among voters in Montana and select counties in Idaho and Wyoming to assess their perceptions and priorities for managing growth as the population in these areas increase. Topics included their views toward protecting farm and forest land, highway and road development, and high density growth.

Clark Environmental Services (Washington)

For this project, we conducted a survey of Clark County residents living in two distinct neighborhoods to assess residents’ behaviors related to lawn care, as well as knowledge about how their respective behaviors impact area streams and rivers. This survey was a “pre-test” to determine current behaviors and knowledge; results will inform a targeted best lawn care practices campaign in the Felida neighborhood.

Eugene (Oregon) Climate and Energy Action Plan

A telephone survey and focus groups with residents in the city of Eugene to measure their attitudes towards climate change and behaviors related to greenhouse gas emissions and consumption. The survey results are part of a larger project to advance Eugene’s Climate and Energy Action Plan.

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey and focus groups with Portland residents to measure their interest around thoughtful consumption activities and to aid the “Be Resourceful” communication strategies.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Energy Trust Commercial Sector

DHM Research conducted focus groups to assist the development of a communication strategy on energy efficiency with commercial customers.

Austin (Texas) Energy

DHM Research, in partnership with EnviroMedia Social Marketing, conducted a baseline telephone survey of Austin Energy residential customers who own their homes. Findings from the survey informed program messages and confirmed customer types for focus groups, in addition to gauging customer attitudes towards energy efficient improvements to their homes.

Oregon Wave Energy Trust

DHM Research conducted a statewide survey with residents to determine awareness and knowledge about wave energy. Participants were also asked about their agreement with statements in support and opposition to the development of wave energy.

Avista Corp.

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of low-income residential customers in Washington who received a low income grant followed by an energy efficiency kit from Avista. The purpose was to gain information regarding use of the kit, its’ value, opinions about energy efficiency, and the challenges of managing energy costs.

Clark Public Utilities

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of Clark Public Utilities’ (CPU) customers to track customer satisfaction and test energy and communications issues.

Health & Wellness
H1N1 Vaccination

Statewide focus groups and a telephone survey for the Oregon Department of Human Services to evaluate Oregonians’ actions and attitudes related to the recent H1N1 pandemic flu outbreak. Targeted research was also done among Latino women to specifically address their vaccination concerns. This research is assisting DHS in evaluating the effectiveness of public messages about vaccinations and flu prevention, and is guiding the development of future message campaigns.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Telephone survey and focus group research for the Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF) and Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon’s campaign for tobacco free kids. This research tested Oregon voters’ opinions about tobacco prevention programs, their priorities for anti-tobacco campaigns in the state, and their willingness to fund tobacco prevention and cessation campaigns.

Active Living

National focus group and telephone surveys for Robert Wood Johnson Active Living to learn about American’s awareness and perceptions of issues related to physical activity, exercise in daily life, and community design. This research also targeted African American and Latino groups to understand their specific health needs related to physical activity. This research informed strategic planning efforts to introduce more physical activity into American’s daily routines and help them overcome barriers to physical activity.

Long Term Care for Oregonians

Collaborated with a group of nonprofit advocates to benchmark a 2008 telephone and focus group survey about Oregonian’s priorities for long term care services. This research will continue to assist them with messaging and communications, as well as advocacy efforts of a consortium of organizations concerned about Oregon’s investment in long-term care services.

Kids Movement (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

DHM conducted focus groups with teens to discuss healthy living, including food and exercise. The purpose was to learn how teens define health, and to discuss their behaviors at home and school around exercise and food. Participants were randomly recruited with parent permission.

Organization Image Studies
public broadcasting

Conducted a statewide telephone survey and interviews with community leaders about what Oregonians need/expect from public broadcasting. The research findings were presented to a conference about the future of public broadcasting in Oregon sponsored by the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC)

Focus groups were conducted to assist MHCC and assess its market position in associate and technical degrees with students, life-long learners, veterans, and employers. A follow-up online survey will assist in quantifying the results from the focus groups.


Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and surveys helped Nike with their corporate responsibility planning, employee satisfaction, and involvement in community priorities.

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

DHM Research regularly conducts statewide and regional studies to track the brand and image of OHSU, and the impact the institution has on improving the health of Oregonians.

Oregon Business Magazine, 100 Best Companies, Non-Profits, and Green Companies/Non-Profits

In partnership with Oregon Business Magazine, DHM Research conducts surveys across Oregon to assess the best companies, non-profits, and green companies to work for in the state of Oregon. Findings are used to rank the 100 best, published annually by OBM.

Sealaska Corp.

DHM Research conducted four focus groups for Sealaska Corp. to assess opinion about land stewardship in southeast Alaska, including attitudes about forest management. Also tested were the effectiveness of messages about Sealaska, and land stewardship both generally and specifically to Sealaska.