When garbage and compost go on vacation

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Happy Friday! In Oregon we have officially had three weeks of hot weather, even though cloudy now. We'll take what we can get.

DHM has been working on garbage management and recycling issues a lot lately (stay tuned!) and wanted to share this interesting story from one of our Portland weeklies: The Muck, Raked looks at what really happens when we start the process from sink-side in our kitchen, emptying those cute little compost bins into those larger, clunky green bins that we conveniently place curbside -- with that rotten apple, discarded salad greens, and even yard debris never to be seen again. The world of garbage transport, and the market surrounding this seemingly out-of-sight world, is fascinating. Of course you can Google it, but also check out some local sources such as Metro and stay tuned for Opt In's latest survey on how folks in the Portland region feel about their garbage service.

Really, to be honest, curbside garbage service is one of those incredibly convenient things that I personally always take for granted.