Pollsters struggle to pin down the right (cell) number

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Last weekend the New York Times released a very relevant and honest look at the challenges staring the polling industry in the face. The piece is good, looking at the realities of not only getting people to stay on the phone and the ever-changing and evolving communications revolution we're experiencing, but also demographic challenges involved with cell phone users (what majority owns cell phones? more Democrats? fewer seniors? etc.) and ensuring quotas are met. To drastically oversimplify, it would be like children deciding they only like candy sometimes, leaving the candy store to completely reevaluate its inventory.

But the oversimplification isn't that far off, and most definitely isn't an argument against the validity or usefulness of polling. Instead it's a bold reminder that business-as-usual will never meet the demands of our hyperactive world. The status quo may work in some industries, but not ours -- and, frankly, we couldn't be happier about that.

We hold innovation and expertise as our two highest priorities at DHM Research. These challenges are opportunities to develop new approaches and shake things up -- change the old for the new. We have the capacity and commitment to every project to ensure every detail of the research design is married to scientific validity, and that we are not only keeping up with trends, but ahead and setting them.

We've accepted this world of ours will always change and for us it's an opportunity to solve the same complex problems through new and innovative solutions. Give us a ring and we'll talk more.