Green Building Certification

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Green Globes


Green Globes is a commercial building certification, and the Green Building Initiative (GBI) is the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that result in resource-efficient, healthier, and environmentally sustainable buildings.  GBI needed research to help develop a cohesive, data-driven brand refresh and communications campaign that effectively reached a wide audience and demonstrated Green Globes' relevance.


A multiphase research approach began with DHM reviewing existing research available from the client about its market share, penetration, and brand recognition, as well as publicly-available research from industry experts. We then completed a national online survey with developers to gain more insight into how key decisions are made. Early results showed the need to drill into additional topics, such as the meaning of “rigor” in green building standards, and to include designers and green building consultants in the sample.  Adjustments were made to the sample and questionnaire to assure the collection of more complete information.


Our communications partners used the research to create profiles of core customers and refine the client’s brand positioning which helped achieve increased participation in the certification program.