K-12 Education Funding

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Oregon School Boards Association


To address long-term underinvestment in schools, the Oregon Legislature's Joint Committee on Student Success met with educators, families and business leaders across the state—for over a year—to develop a draft proposal to address the state’s educational priorities and how to fund them.


DHM conducted several statewide surveys to inform the development of the proposal. Online and telephone surveys were conducted with voters and parents to assess perceptions of problems with K-12 funding and spending, identify priorities generally and for improving K-12 education, and determine the best messages, words, and phrases for campaign communications.

In 2019 DHM conducted a final statewide telephone survey to assess voters support for the Student Success Act and to test messaging about the legislation and a protentional referral. Demographic subgroup analysis included party affiliation, area of state, children in household, gender, age, and voting frequency. 

Our reporting provided OSBA with clear actionable strategic planning and communications recommendations.


The Oregon Senate passed the Student Success Act in May, 2019. The state’s largest investment in education in at least three decades is an effort to increase academic achievement, improve students’ mental health, boost high school graduation rates and improve the long-term prospects of Oregon kids.