DHM Panel Survey Finds Support for Stricter Gun Laws

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From January 25-28 of 2013, DHM Research conducted an online survey of 365 Oregonians via the DHM Panel on issues related to gun control and immigration. Survey demographics reflected the Oregon population as a whole. The margin of error on the survey was +/- 5.1%.

Below is a summary of our findings from the gun control portion of the survey:

  • 36% of those surveyed had a gun in their home, compared to 63% who did not. Republicans were more likely to be gun owners than Democrats (48% vs. 27%). 33% of those with a child under the age of 18 in the home also had a gun in the home.

  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they felt laws covering the sales of firearms should be made more strict, compared to 33% of who felt they should be kept as they are now. Only 5% said gun laws should be made less strict. Females were more likely to feel that gun laws should be made more strict than males (71% vs. 55%).

  • Participants were more supportive of expanded background checks for potential gun buyers than they were for laws that would ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips and assault weapons.

  • Three-fourths (76%) favored a law requiring background checks before people could buy guns at gun shows. 11% were opposed. 59% of gun owners supported background checks at gun shows.

  • Nearly six in ten (57%) said they would support a law which would ban the sale and possession of high-capacity ammunition clips that can contain more than 10 bullets. One-third (33%) were opposed. There was a strong partisan divide, with 85% of Democrats supportive compared to 32% of Republicans.

  • Similarly, 56% were supportive of a law which would ban the sale and possession of assault weapons. 33% of gun owners were supportive of an assault weapons ban. Notably, support for the ban increased with age (18-34: 41%; 35-54: 57%; 55+: 64%).

  • Overall, there were significant differences of opinion when it came to enhanced gun laws, with large preference divides between men and women (women were more supportive); Republicans and Democrats (Democrats were more supportive); and area of state (Tri-County and Willamette Valley residents were more supportive than residents from the rest of the state).

Thanks again to all who participated in this survey. To sign up for the panel and participate in upcoming surveys click here. We look forward to hearing your opinions!