DHM Panel Survey Finds Urgency For Immigration Reform

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From January 25-28 of 2013, DHM Research conducted an online survey of 365 Oregonians via the DHM Panel on issues related to gun control and immigration. Survey demographics reflected the Oregon population as a whole. The margin of error on the survey was +/- 5.1%.

Below is a summary of our findings from the immigration portion of the survey:

  • Participants were twice as likely to agree with the statement that (A) immigrants are essential to building the future economy in Oregon; without them we will not have enough workers in the future (68%) than with the statement (B) immigrants take away jobs from residents of Oregon; we need to do everything in our power to keep them from coming into Oregon (32%).

  • Agreement with statement A was significantly higher among Democrats than Republicans (89% vs. 48%).

  • Agreement with Statement A was higher among Tri-County (72%) and Willamette Valley (73%) residents than residents from the rest of the state (58%).

  • A slim majority (52%) of Republicans agreed with statement B, the only demographic group to have majority agreement with that statement.

  • When considering all of the important issues facing the country, 69% viewed federal immigration reform as either “very” (31%) or “somewhat” (38%) urgent. This was a 10% overall decrease in urgency from a similar survey conducted about the issue in 2010.

  • Overall urgency (“very/somewhat”) for immigration reform increased with age (18-34: 57%; 35-54: 67%; 55+: 81%). In fact, those 55+ had the highest such rating among all demographic groups, while those 18-34 had the lowest.

  • Overall urgency for immigration was nearly identical among Democrats and Republicans. However, Republicans were more than twice as likely to consider it “very” urgent than Democrats (46% vs. 22%).

Thanks again to all who participated in this survey. To sign up for the panel and participate in upcoming surveys click here. There are more interesting surveys to come!