DHM Panel survey looks at Oregon beer, sports and politics

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By Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman, DHM Research

From August 2 -7 of 2013, DHM Research conducted an online survey of 412 Oregonians via the DHM Panel on a variety of hot issues this summer. Survey demographics reflected the Oregon population as a whole. The margin of error on the survey was +/- 4.8%.

Below is a summary of some of our interesting findings from the survey:

  • Oregon doesn’t have a state beverage, but if it did, Oregonians choose beer (60%) over other likely options like coffee (15%) or wine (18%).

  • Oregonians are more split on their favorite craft beer. Deschutes Brewery in Bend takes the lead at 20% over Widmer Brothers Brewery (11%) and Ninkasi Brewing Company (10%). Surprisingly though, a third (36%) of respondents chose “none of these, I don’t like beer”!

  • A slight majority of Oregonians (54%) feel that they should be allowed to pump their own gas with Republicans leading the charge at 68%, and Democrats evenly split between “yes” and “no” votes at 41% each.

  • Football seems to be a common theme this summer. Most people say that more than soccer (18%) football is Oregon’s pastime (38%) and that the Oregon Ducks football team is most likely to win a national championship this year (58%) as compared to the Portland Timbers (19%) and other Oregon sports teams (6% or less).

  • Just as a reminder that election season is right around the corner, respondents were asked to give their general impression of two possible Republican candidates for Governor: State Representative Dennis Richardson and businessman Allen Alley. Notably, roughly two-thirds of respondents were unfamiliar with both.

Thanks again to all who participated in this survey. To sign up for the DHM Panel and participate in upcoming surveys click here. There are more interesting surveys to come!