Fight Over Sanctuary Law Puts Oregon At Center of National Immigration Battles

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"Oregon is not among the more racially and ethnically diverse states in the country: Three-fourths of its population is white. So, it may seem odd that Oregon may become the locus of pitched national debates over the rights of undocumented immigrants. There is strong support for immigrants from elected officials, the business community, legal and advocacy organizations, law enforcement, and the public in Oregon. But there also is a renewed push by radical anti-immigrant groups to overturn a 30-year-old sanctuary law in a test case intended to push stricter state immigration laws across the country. It’s an effort that depends in part on a misinformation and scapegoating campaign like that being pursued by the Trump administration, and in part on tapping into the roots of the state’s deeply racist past. Last week, that effort got one step closer to success."

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