Community Planning

Washington County Growing Up, Oregon

A study documenting the unfolding story of population growth and rapid demographic change in Washington County. The research delved into socioeconomic trends, the community’s values and beliefs, and residents’ priorities for the future. It was conducted by Clean Water Services in partnership with Washington County, Vision Action Network, Westside Economic Alliance, Portland General Electric, and the Coalition of Communities of Color, and has helped public, private, and nonprofit sector leaders engage effectively with their constituents about community issues including affordable housing and traffic congestion. 

Community Foundation for SouthwestWashington 500,000 Voices

A study about priorities for the local economy, education, public safety, the environment, poverty, health, the arts, and charitable giving. The project provided local policy makers and leaders with insights and gave voice to ordinary people in southwest Washington.

Contra Costa County, California

Quantitative and qualitative research to assess county residents’ attitudes about livability, population growth, and land use. The research was part of a larger public involvement effort and helped inform the California county’s land use planning process.

City of Denton, Texas

A citywide survey and supporting qualitative research assessing opinions about growth management issues in Denton, Texas. Topics included livability in Denton, population growth concerns, and land use practices and patterns. The research helped to prioritize land use planning options, as well as develop public relations objectives and communications strategies.

City of Sacramento, California

A citywide survey of Sacramento residents to understand attitudes about future planning issues. Research was based on the vision and guiding principles for the 2030 General Plan setting out the City's key values and aspirations for the future.

Envision Central Texas

Surveys and focus groups in five counties in central Texas that aided the development of land use and transportation planning options, public relations objectives, and communications concepts and strategies. Topics included natural resource conservation, transportation, population growth, livability preferences, land use, and energy.

Montana Smart Growth Coalition and Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Focus group and survey research in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming that assessed voters’ opinions about managing population growth. Voters were asked about their views of farm and forest land protection, highway and road development, and high-density growth.

Metro—Planning Research

Over thirty years of opinion research aimed at understanding Portland-area residents’ values and beliefs relating to growth management and transportation. Research topics have included quality of life preferences, the urban growth boundary, infrastructure, neighborhood density, the economy, the environment, public transit infrastructure, roads, bridges, and highway development. These studies have helped Metro in thirty years of planning and policy decisions, including the Metro 2040 Growth Concept and the Regional Transportation Plan. Metro is the Portland metro area regional government.

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)—Growth Visioning Project

A study to learn about residents’ awareness, perceptions, and priorities related to future growth, public transit, and safety in southern California. A portion of the research specifically targeted harder-to-reach demographic groups such as Latinos, African Americans, Asians, and low-income residents.