Black Parent Initiative

A pro bono survey of Oregon voters to assess their support for linking student growth back to their teachers. This student-teacher link can be used to identify both effective teachers and those in need of additional support, and was identified by the Obama administration as a necessary component of long-term improvements to the education system. Findings from this research were used to advocate for including the student-teacher link in Oregon’s Race to the Top application.

Foundations for a Better OregonChalkboard Project

An ongoing partnership with Chalkboard to assess attitudes about K–12 education in Oregon. Findings have supported the most comprehensive private initiative for K–12 education reform in Oregon, the CLASS Project, and have contributed to tools that help teachers, students, and parents in public education. Research studies have used quantitative and qualitative methodologies to reach teachers, parents, students, voters, and community leaders.  


A survey for education advocacy group ConnCAN to gauge Connecticut teachers and administrators’ feelings about education reform in the state. Findings indicated there was significant support for making tenure, pay, and staffing decisions based on proven effectiveness with students.

Alaska Federation of Natives First Alaskans Institute

Qualitative research in rural and urban Alaska about Alaska Native education, including barriers to educational success and readiness for the workplace.

Northwest Evaluation Association

An assessment of teacher opinions about the workplace in two urban areas of Atlanta and Boston, two suburban areas of Dallas and Seattle, and two rural areas outside of Minneapolis and Sacramento. Focus groups explored the full scope of teacher working conditions and informed the development of a conjoint analysis survey.

Oregon Student Voice 

Qualitative and quantitative research to assist Oregon Student Voice 's (OSV) efforts to engage students in policymaking at the local, school district, and state levels. OSV student leadership contributed to the development of surveys and focus groups administered across the state. Findings were used to represent the experiences, perspectives, and desires of Oregon’s diverse student population in education planning, policymaking, and communications.

Portland Public Schools 

Focus groups and survey research to assess the attitudes parents, students, teachers, staff, and residents have about public education including needs and priorities.   Findings have been used by PPS and its partners to promote education reform initiatives and improve communications.

San Diego Unified School District

Surveys of administrators, parents, and students about strategies to increase enrollment at secondary schools. Results helped determine which factors affecting high school enrollment are controllable and suggested how best to attract and keep students in school.

Stand for Children Colorado

A survey of Colorado voters to measure opinions toward suggested reforms to Colorado’s public education system, including teacher and principal evaluations and compensation and tenure structures.

Thrive Washington

Multiple projects to learn more about voter attitudes towards early learning in Washington state. Findings have supported program development and evaluation, fundraising, and communications with the public and government stakeholders.

Washington Roundtable Partnership for Learning

Multiple qualitative and quantitative research projects assessing education priorities in Washington state. Topics have included voter and parent perceptions of student achievement, teacher evaluations, local district flexibility, Washington’s standardized tests, funding for K–12 and higher education, and messaging concepts. Participants have included teachers, students, and parents from across Washington.