Austin Energy

A survey of Austin Energy residential customers who own their homes. Topics included customers’ behaviors related to home energy efficiency, interest in the Austin Energy program, and motivators and barriers to participating in the program. Findings were used to identify customers most likely to participate in the program and inform program messages.

Avista Corp.

Long-term analysis of customer opinion trends for Avista in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Studies measured perceptions of Avista’s performance, customer priorities, and advertising effectiveness, as well as customer attitudes toward paying by energy source type, smart grid, and smart meters.

Energy Trust of Oregon—Market Research

Qualitative research with small business owners and people who make key decisions in small businesses. Focus groups targeted Hispanic, Asian, and rural business people. The research assessed the efficacy of current Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) outreach materials, determined small business owners’ priorities regarding energy use decisions, and guided ETO in developing inclusive strategies and targeted outreach to business owners from specific communities.

Green Building InitiativeGreen Globes Marketing Support Research 

Study of core values and attitudes towards green building certification among key stakeholders, including building owners, designers, and anchor tenants. The study used quantitative and qualitative research to clarify what differentiates Green Globes in the marketplace, to identify the key target audience for a communications campaign, and to gain an understanding of what motivates target audiences to certify their buildings.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory 

In-depth interviews with key institutional decision-makers to gain a better understanding of how to promote conservation and renewable energy technologies. The final report identified what types of information institutions need in order to include conservation and renewable technologies into their resource decision-making models on a comparable basis with all other alternatives.

Northwest RiverPartners 

Five focus groups and a region-wide survey to inform Northwest RiverPartners communications audit. Results supported the development of communications about dams on the Columbia and Snake River system, hydropower, and other renewable energy sources.

Oregon Wave Energy Trust

A study to assess knowledge and attitudes toward wave energy and to assist with planning and communications. The project included statewide surveys, surveys targeted to key local communities, and the development of an online survey for stakeholder groups to use with their members.


Twelve regional focus groups in Washington, Oregon, and Utah to explore a variety of renewable energy topics from the perspectives of business and residential power users. The primary goal was to assess participants’ awareness of and response to PacifiCorp’s Blue Sky initiative, which provides customers the opportunity to buy renewable power and fund smaller-scale community renewable energy projects.

Puget Sound Energy

Qualitative and quantitative research with business and residential customers to assess perceptions of the company’s response to major power outages and to gauge general perceptions among customers regarding renewable energy and conservation.

Tennessee Valley Authority 

A quantitative and qualitative opinion research project about electricity service in a seven-state area. 3,600 voters in the area were surveyed and seven large focus group discussions were completed to provide elaboration on the survey findings. Residents were asked about the relative importance of electric power production in the Tennessee Valley Authority's portfolio of programs and services, regional economic development, public recreation areas, and water and shoreline management. Findings were used to improve customer service and assist with government relations.