Boehringer Ingelheim service development study

National survey of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to learn about their perceptions of emerging trends in women’s mental health. Findings informed an initiative to identify and support innovative health solutions.

Delta Dental baby teeth study

Multi-phase study of mothers with children six or younger, pregnant women, and prenatal/primary medical care providers in Washington state. The purpose of the study was to gain a better understanding of parents’ knowledge about oral health in babies and kids. The research design included a statewide survey and focus groups and was designed to target Hispanic mothers and pregnant women from low- to middle-income homes. Findings informed program development and educational campaigns to engage and motivate mothers and providers and to reduce oral health disparities in the state.

Delta Dental latino children’s oral health study

English- and Spanish-language focus groups conducted around the Seattle area and in eastern Washington, in coordination with Delta Dental and Latina Creative Agency. The research focused on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding oral health among low- to moderate-income Latina mothers and teenagers. Results indicated that oral health among these populations is impacted by social barriers, language, affordability, and fear relating to immigration status.

Group Health Foundation pertussis study

Quantitative study of mothers in western Washington state. The survey established a baseline to measure awareness, behaviors, and efficacy associated with preventing whooping cough. The research findings informed program development and a public service campaign.

Vancouver Clinic

A survey of residents of Clark County, Washington, to understand their healthcare system preferences. Participants weighed the importance of services, convenience, and cost, and they indicated their awareness and knowledge of area hospitals and healthcare providers. Research findings were used to develop strategic marketing initiatives.

Moda Health membership study

Focus groups to explore attitudes among current Moda customers in and around Portland, Oregon. Topics included health insurance premiums, features and benefits, carrier relationships, choosing plans and carriers, and attitudes towards Moda and the re-enrollment process.

North Lincoln Health District development planning

Focus group and survey research to assess opinions about the Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, the future of healthcare in Lincoln City, and to determine support levels for building a new hospital. The findings informed strategic planning for the District, which lies along the Oregon coast. Construction for the new $35 million hospital began in 2018.

Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems communications research

Survey of Oregon voters to track the public’s perception of hospitals, gauge satisfaction with quality of care, and identify trends. OAHHS used the research findings to develop policy, planning, and communications.

Oregon Health Authority coordinated care organizations

Multi-phase study for OHA, including a survey of over 200 providers and in-depth interviews with over fifty healthcare professionals. Oregon is an innovator in implementing a managed-care model within Medicaid, and this research supported OHA’s efforts to map out the new healthcare environment in the state. Results were used to develop communications tools and create strategies to engage providers in the spread of the coordinated care model.

Oregon Health & Science University 

Twenty years of qualitative and quantitative research assessing healthcare needs and values among residents and patients throughout Oregon. OHSU has used research findings to inform new services, improve quality of care, develop advertising and communications, and increase community outreach.

Oregon Health & Science University deep brain stimulation

Survey research and in-depth interviews with neurologists about deep brain stimulation (DBS) patients. The research supported marketing and growth for DBS clinical services at OHSU. It gauged neurologists’ interest and availability for taking on care of patients treated with DBS and identified how OHSU can support neurologists seeking to provide DBS. DBS is a neurosurgical procedure that treats movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

St. Charles Health System healthcare needs assessment

Over ten years of quantitative and qualitative opinion research for St. Charles Health System in central Oregon. Studies have assessed residents’ needs and priorities regarding healthcare in the region and measured awareness and understanding of various services and programs. Findings have assisted in developing services, communications, and messaging in the community.

Washington State Hospital Association communications research

Survey of Washington residents to assess perceptions of hospitals and healthcare in the state. The survey established a baseline for tracking changes in opinion over time.