Organizational Image and Branding

AAA Oregon & Idaho

Multiple benchmark surveys of members and lapsed members in Oregon and Idaho. The research tracked service usage, awareness, priorities, and preferred information sources over time.

Cambia Health Solutions

Image study involving over 100 in-depth interviews with targeted stakeholders from four states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah). The initial study established a baseline of stakeholders’ perceptions, awareness, and understandings about health insurance companies and the health insurance industry in general. Findings were used to develop communications, branding, and care options for Cambia’s 20+ companies. Further studies will build on these findings and track changes in perception.

National Association of Clean Water Agencies 

In-depth interviews, survey research, and consulting to determine NACWA’s image among key stakeholder groups including members, water industry professionals, and public officials.  The national study assisted with planning and communications and positioned NACWA to better influence important advocacy initiatives (e.g., changes to the Clean Water Act and infrastructure funding); identified improvements the association could bring to current members; and supported NACWA’s efforts to attract new members.

Oregon Health & Science University 

Benchmark surveys to assess public perception of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) across Oregon and in specific communities. These tracking studies outlined trends in public opinion, including awareness, performance, priorities, and image. Results guided OHSU’s internal and external messaging.

OHSU Foundation

Multi-part study of OHSU Foundation donors, including new, lapsed, regular, and large-dollar donors. A survey and in-depth interviews evaluated donors’ satisfaction with the Foundation, as well as their values and priorities for its work. Results contributed to the Foundation’s future outreach plans.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest 

Survey of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW) donors to assess satisfaction, priorities, and preferences. Findings helped the organization better understand how to engage donors in PPGNW activities.

Port of Portland

In-depth interviews with key stakeholders to assess attitudes and opinions about the Port. Topics included knowledge and awareness, perceived strengths and weaknesses, transportation and land-use issues, and perceptions of the Port’s environmental performance. Findings from these interviews informed the Port’s public messaging, information campaigns, and program development.

Prosper Portland

Ongoing benchmark surveys of Portland, Oregon residents to measure public awareness, impressions, and the impact of Prosper Portland in the local economy. The surveys also assessed residents’ priorities and concerns to assist Prosper Portland’s planning and outreach. 

St. Charles Health System

Over ten years of quantitative and qualitative opinion research for St. Charles Health System in central Oregon. Studies have gauged the public perception of St. Charles generally, assessed residents’ needs and priorities regarding healthcare, and measured awareness and understanding of various services and programs. St. Charles has used the findings to develop services, communications, and messaging in the community.

Tennessee Valley Authority

A seven-state opinion research project about TVA’s image. 3,600 voters in the area were surveyed and seven large focus group discussions were completed to provide elaboration on the survey findings. Residents were asked about TVA and its portfolio of programs and services including priorities.  Findings were used to improve customer service and assist with government relations at the federal level.

Umatilla Electric Cooperative 

Survey of Umatilla Electric Cooperative customers in northeastern Oregon. The survey assessed perceptions of the utility and provided a deeper understanding of how residents view UEC’s role in the community.