Politics & Public Affairs

Campaign for AmericaCampaign Finance Reform Study

Focus groups and surveys of registered voters in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to test opinions about comprehensive campaign finance reform. The research assisted with lobbying efforts at the state and federal levels.

City of SalemCivic Center, Library, and Police Facilities Research

Multi-year project supporting the Oregon capital city’s efforts to fund facility improvements. Initial research assessed voters’ perceptions of the physical condition of the Salem Civic Center, police department headquarters, and downtown library, and tested key messages about the need for facility improvements. Follow-up research tested voter support for a bond measure to fund a new police building. The $61.8 million bond measure passed by a wide margin.

Lake Oswego School District—Education Funding Research

Survey of voters in Lake Oswego to gauge support for a school bond measure and to provide information for the development of a campaign communication plan. The research accurately modeled the off-year primary election turnout in Lake Oswego using past voting behavior. The $187 million bond passed.

Washington Minimum Wage Studies

Quantitative opinion research with voters and business owners in the Seattle area and across Washington state. The surveys tested a number of potential proposals related to raising the minimum wage.

New Approach Oregon and Show-Me CannabisMarijuana Legalization Research

Opinion research in Oregon and Missouri to measure voter support for marijuana legalization. The project included message testing, and the results informed campaign strategists and funders.

Oak LodgeSpecial District Consolidation Study

Multi-phase research study of Oak Lodge Water District and Oak Lodge Sanitary District customers in Milwaukie, Oregon. The research gauged voter opinions about a potential merger between the two districts and refined messaging. Voters approved the consolidation overwhelmingly.

Friends of Outdoor SchoolBallot Measure Research

Initial test of voter support for IP 67 (later Measure 99), a ballot measure to fund outdoor education in Oregon. The research also helped develop and test messages that were used in the successful campaign.

Oregon Public BroadcastingElection Polling and Commentary

Ongoing partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting to provide Oregon-centered election coverage, commentary, and regular voters surveys on top issues and races. Reporters and research experts consider DHM’s polling and election research to be some of the most credible available.

Pennsylvania State UniversityCitizens' Initiative Review Research

Survey research to measure voter awareness of the Citizens' Initiative Review (CIR), a volunteer deliberative body that reviews ballot initiatives and makes recommendations in the Oregon voter pamphlet. Surveys assessed CIR panels’ perceived quality of deliberation and electoral impact, and also tested voters’ willingness to share what they learn from the CIR with fellow voters.

Upstream Public HealthFluoridation Study

Multi-phase study of registered voters in Portland, Oregon to assess support for fluoridating the city’s drinking water and to identify convincing messages. Topics included values around health and dental care, perceptions of Portland’s drinking water, and the most credible messengers for the benefits of fluoridation.

Washington CountyTransportation Funding Research

Baseline and benchmark survey research with voters in Washington County, Oregon assessing perceptions of transportation issues in the county and road maintenance funding. The research included an initial test of a potential county-wide vehicle registration fee.

Yes for HealthcareMedicaid Funding Research

Extensive focus group research with voters across Oregon to inform messaging for the Yes for Healthcare campaign to pass Measure 101 and continue to fully funding Medicaid. Findings provided a clearer understanding of voters’ values around healthcare access in the state. The measure passed with 62% support in a special election.