California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)—Road Use Charge Pilot Project

Qualitative and quantitative research with residents in five California communities to inform the design of the state’s road usage charge pilot project. The research established a baseline understanding of Californians’ values around transportation funding, as well as their attitudes toward the road usage charge, an alternative to the fuel tax in which drivers are charged for each mile traveled. The findings were instrumental to the pilot project design and implementation, and a road usage charge is expected to be implemented in California after 2025.

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)—Transportation Needs Assessments

Multiple studies of registered voters in Portland, Oregon to assess perceptions of the city’s transportation needs. The research has allowed PBOT to prioritize future transportation projects, including street maintenance, safety at intersections, neighborhood traffic speed reduction, more frequent bus service, and safer bike routes.

Metro—Active Transportation Research

Panel study asking Portland-area residents about walking, biking, and public transit infrastructure in the region. Findings from this survey informed Metro’s regional plan for active transportation. Metro is the Portland metro area’s regional government.

Metro—Regional Travel Options (RTO) Research

Ongoing survey research of residents in the Portland region to understand commuting habits, experience with different travel options, and awareness and perceptions of RTO programs such as, TriMet Trip Planner, and City of Portland SmartTrips. 

National Highway Safety Research

National study to assess opinions about highway safety and driving habits. Findings indicated that Americans prioritize reducing distracted driving and engineering road safety measures.

RUC West—Road Charge Program Privacy Research

Focus groups with residents of Portland, Oregon; Sacramento; and Denver about privacy concerns in future road usage charge programs. Road usage charges are an alternative to the fuel tax in which drivers are charged for each mile traveled. The research identified public knowledge gaps, potential solutions, and next steps. RUC West is collaborative of 14 state transportation agencies who share resources about road usage charging. They continue to use findings from this study to inform policy implementation strategies and best practices, and to develop communications and outreach tool kits.

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)—2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Qualitative and quantitative research with residents living in six counties in the Sacramento area. The study identified public values and priorities for transportation planning, including safety, and created a foundation for the region’s 2035 transportation plan.

Texas Department of Transportation—Click It or Ticket

Survey of Texans under the age of 35 for the Click It or Ticket campaign. The study measured public attitudes about seat belt usage and tested the effectiveness of outreach to young people.

TriMet—Attitudes and Awareness Survey Research

Ongoing annual survey of residents of the TriMet service district in the Portland, Oregon metro area. This ongoing project tracks public mood and regional approval of the agency’s safety, services, new projects, and ridership. Findings have identified improvement opportunities and evaluated new TriMet programs.