Capital Region Water (CRW)—Communications Research

Research supporting a comprehensive communications plan for CRW, which provides water service to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Surveys were completed with customers and employees and the results were used to inform the creation of communication products, a community outreach program to increase stewardship of Capital Region Water’s infrastructure, and crisis communication protocols. 

City of Portland Water Bureau—Regional Water Providers Consortium Survey

Survey to understand customers’ awareness and behaviors of water conservation and emergency preparedness, service satisfaction, and information sources.  The research continues to inform organization planning and communications. 

Clean Water Services (CWS)—Healthy Streams Plan

Survey and focus group research to assist Clean Water Services, which operates in Washington County, Oregon. The research helped CWS align scientific, public policy, and public opinion considerations as it moved forward with the Healthy Streams Plan, a multi-year effort to protect and improve water quality throughout the Tualatin Basin.

EarthFix—Environmental Research

A study of residents in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for EarthFix, a collaboration of public broadcasters in the Pacific Northwest. The research assessed public attitudes towards water quality on the fortieth anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

EcoTrust—Water Quality Study

Opinion research about water issues in Alaskan communities. The project included surveys of Alaska residents, followed by 23 in-depth interviews of tribal and municipal leaders throughout the state. Focal points of the research included perceptions and concerns about local waterways, awareness of water issues and resources, and interest in learning more about these topics through university-hosted workshops with residents from other communities.

National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)—Communications Research

In-depth interviews with stakeholder group representatives, member research, and consulting to assist NACWA with planning and communications. The research identified service and program improvements and positioned NACWA to better influence advocacy initiatives,

Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams—Campaign Research

Multi-part study to assess the public’s awareness of the impact individuals have on water quality, as well as their behaviors and motivations to change. Topics included sustainable lawn care practices, pet waste, car washing, and household cleaning products. Focus groups tested advertising and communications. The Coalition is a partnership of eight public agencies in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington metropolitan area.

Unfiltered Regulatory Work Group—Water Quality and Treatment Research

Surveys to assess public opinion across the US about water safety, risk tolerance, and willingness to pay to upgrade water treatment. The interview sample included respondents from each of five cities: New York; Boston; San Francisco; Portland, Oregon; and Tacoma, Washington.